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Employee Performance Reviews - Subfolder

  1. Performance Reviews are created using SHaRe. You can use one of our Performance Review Templates or create your own from scratch.
  2. To find out how SHaRe is used to Create a Performance Review, Click Here.
  3. Once you have defined your Performance Review, you can Deploy it to relevant people. Click Here to find out more about Deploying a Performance Review through our UNIQUE Performance Review Deployment Wizard.
  4. Once the Review is Deployed, the relevant Employees will receive the review. An E-mail will be sent to them, and also sent into their Subscribe-HR Inbox. They can click on the URL and Complete what ever they need to complete based on how the review is set-up is SHaRe. E.g. Define Goals at a point in time, then review Goals at a later point in time. Review Types: Employee Only, Manager Only, 360 Degree etc
  5. Employees, Managers and HR can access reviews based on user group access definitions. They can access reviews through the WORKBENCH: Performance. Please Click Here for information about WORKBENCH: Performance
  6. Reviews are stored in the Employ Sub-folder - Reviews.


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