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WORKBENCH Performance

On the Dashboard, there is an option on the left hand side called WORKBENCH.

In the WORKBENCH there are a number of options including Company Directory and Onboarding. Performance is also an options. If you click on the WORKBENCH : Performance you will be able to access Performance Reviews.

When the Performance Review has been build using SHaRE, then sent out to the relevant people based on the rules that are assigned to the review using Performance Deployment, the Performance Review is sent to the relevant Person and received in the WORKBENCH: Performance.

WORKBENCH: Performance is like a list all of Performance Reviews. So if a HR User Logs in, they will be able to see their reviews, and all other reviews. If a Manager Logs in, they will be able to see their reviews plus their teams reviews. Special filters can also be set-up for varies rule access between managers and employees.

There are filter options for each person at the top of the page, which allows for reviews to be seen and accessed based on Date Periods, Key Words and Department sorting (For HR). Actions can be taken against each review.

There is an Action function will allows for users to open up a review and interact with it and review results (Reporting). Each Review will also be stored against the Employees Subfolder (Reviews).

They can be access from there, for completing and historical views.

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