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Setting up Courses

Setting up and utilising Courses allows you to use Waiting Lists, to identify people who need training for that Course. Course Events can then be "Created" from the Course itself.

Adding Courses, Managing Course Waiting Lists and Creating Course Events

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select Human Resources on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select Courses.
  3. You will see a list of Courses, if this list is empty then no Courses have been setup.
  4. Select the Create New button on left.
  5. Enter "Course Status". Active or Inactive. If Active, you will be able to select this course from the New Employee Wizard and also in the PDP.
  6. Enter the "Course Name".
  7. Enter the "Course Skills".
  8. Enter the "Course Type".
  9. Enter the Maximum Number of Attendees.
  10. Enter the Minimum Number of Attendees.
  11. Enter Desired Attendee Number.
  12. Enter CPD Points.
  13. Appropriate for Knowledge Share Session.
  14. Type in Course Description.
  15. Enter "Course Owner".
  16. Select "Save". Upon saving you are able to attach files related to the course.
  17. On the "Waiting List" Tab, you can search for Employees and add them to the "Waiting List". The "Waiting List" will show you the source of where the person has come from e.g. PDP, New Employee Wizard, Direct. If you Click the Waiting List Button you will be shown information relating to: Job, Review Score, View Training Records, View Training Guide.
  18. You can Create a "Course Event" once you are happy with the "Waiting List" numbers and people on the "Waiting List".
  19. The "Waiting List" will record where the person came from to end up on the Waiting list e,g. New Employee, Job Change, PDP, Manually Added
  20. The "Events" Tab Shows the Events that have been Scheduled for that Course. You can select the "Event" and open up the record.
  21. If you want to create an "Event" from the "Course", click the "Create Event" option. This will open up the NEW "Event" record, and copy all of the relevant details including the "Waiting List" to the Event.

To View information relating to Course Events Click Here. To View information relating to Course Providers Click Here.

Field Name Description
Course Name Free Text. Type the name of the Course. This will be used when Creating a Training Record for the Attendee/s and also Certificate and Licence Name. Course Name will also Match to the Employee's Job Training Guide. Each match will provide a Score of 1.
Course Skills Type in and Select the Skills from the Performance Skills Library which you want to link to this course. The Course Matching algorithm in the Course Waiting List function, will match Employees who have these skills (Course Match) in their Performance Reviews. Each Match will provide a Score of 1.
Course Type The type of course is based on whether the course is Internal, External, E-learning, Seminar.
Course Reason Select a Reason that people would attend this course. E.g. PDP, Skills Gap, Mandatory Training.
Course Owner Person Responsible for the Management for the Course. Workflow notification will go to this person.
Course Description Free Text Descriptor about the Course.
Course CPD Hours If the Course is CPD related, you can record the number of CPD hours here.
Course Min Attendees This is a guide to show the number of Min Attendees that are allowed for the course to be run. Workflow E-mails can be sent to notify the Course Owner that this has happened.
Course Max Attendees This is a guide based on the Maximum number of people that can attend this course. e.g. base on room or venue size.
Course Desired Attendees This is the number for the best / desired number of Employees for this Course / Event.
Course Provider Allows you to link the Course Provider. The Provider Details are located in the Course Provider Folder in the Human Resource Solution.
Appropriate for Knowledge Share if "Yes" attendees of this Event can share information learnt at the event with other. You can link this information to the Event itself using the attachment options.
Course Waiting List Option - Add to and Remove from Waiting List. If you select this option located on the Waiting List Tab in Courses, you will be able to add people to the Waiting List for this Course. You will see all Employees here. You will also be able to "View" Training for the the Person, See their Last Performance Score, View the Match for that person to the Course which is based on Skills and Course Name Match to the Employees Job Training Guide. You can Search for Employees from here also. Once you select someone from the Waiting List option, they will then be placed onto the Waiting List. People also arrive in the Waiting list, from Performance Reviews (PDP) and New Employee Wizard (New Employee Wizard) or directly from the Waiting List itself. Waiting List will show you the date the Person was added to the Waiting List. If you want to remove People from the Waiting List for the Course, select the Course Waiting List Sub Folder, then delete the person from the Waiting List.
Create Course Event Click this Button to Create a Course Event from the Course Template. If this is done you will be taken directly to the Course Event. You can then enter details for the Course Event including Start Date and Finish Date and Attendee Cost. You are unable to move Waiting List people to the Attendee Tab unless a Start Date and Finish Date is assigned and a Course Provider selected.

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