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Setting up Course Events

Setting up and utilising Course Events allows HR to set-up actual training events that are created from Courses. A course is a template which manages "Waiting Lists" for the Event. The Course Event is a "Course" which has a "Start Date" and "Finish Date" and "Attendees".

Adding Course Events

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select Human Resources on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select Course Events.
  3. You will see a list of "Course Events", is this list is empty then no "Events" have been setup at this point in time.
  4. Select the Create New button on left.
  5. Select the "Event" from the DropDown. This field comes from "Courses"
  6. Enter the "Start Date" and "End Date".
  7. The generate "Certificate and Licence" option is brought through from the Course.
  8. Select the Provider for the Event. If the Event Provider has another booking at this time, the system with let you know.
  9. Add "Cost Per Attendee". The cost will also be added to the "Budget" Spend, in the Budget Sub Folder. So based on the Department the employee is in, it will allocate the Attendee cost to the Budget Spend based on the Period set in the Budget itself.
  10. Enter Other Event Costs.
  11. Click "Save".
  12. When Saved, the system will show the Total Event cost which will SUM the Total Number of Attendees X the Attendee Cost (recorded against the course) + Other Event Costs.
  13. Move "Waiting List" people to the "Attendee List". The system will ask you if you want to send the recipients "Event Notification" e-mails.
  14. If you wish to remove and "Attendee" and put them back on the "Waiting List", the system will also ask you if you wish to send an e-mail to the the Employee know about this.
  15. The "Remove" option allows you to "Remove the Person" all together from the Event.If you do this it will delete the Record from the Employee Training Folder.
  16. The Event will Automatically turn itself to Completed, following the passing of the "Start Date" and "End Date".
  17. You cannot "Reschedule" and "Event" That has "Completed. You can do this prior to the "Start Date" of the Event by Clicking "Reschedule". If you select "Reschedule" you will be asked to selected the dates to Reschedule too. The Reschedule Tab will show the reschedule information. E.g. Dates Rescheduled from and To.
  18. The Event Calendar options which show "All of the Same Events and when they are occurring. You cane drill down into the Event Names from the Calendar to open up the Event in the Events Folder.

Adding Course Events from a Course

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select Human Resources on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select Courses. This will display all courses created in your system.
  3. Select relevant course.
  4. Select the "Waiting List" tab. This will display all employees in the current waiting list. You can add more by clicking the "Add Waiting List" button.
  5. Select the employees via the checkboxes on the left hand side that you would like to be added to the event you are creating.
  6. Click the Create Event button
  7. A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter in the Course Event name as well as list the employees you've selected to be included in the event.
  8. Click "Yes". This will save the Course Event and redirect you to the specific Course Event page.
  9. A pop-up wizard displaying asking whether you are prepared to enter in the Start Date, Finish Date and Provider. Clicking next will take you through the steps to enter in these details, add attendees from the waiting list and send a confirmation email to attendees in this streamlined process. Clicking exit will allow the user to enter in these details such as event Provider, Start Date, Finish Date, Attendee Cost, Other Cost and Event Owner on the actual course event page itself.
  10. Once date entered and Course Event saved, Status will change to "Scheduled".
  11. When the Course Event date is in the future, the Reschedule button will appear. Clicking this will allow user to update Start Date, End Date and Reschedule Provider. Option to notify attendees is also available.
  12. You can cancel the event by clicking the Cancel button. Confirmation pop-up will appear. Cancelled events will change status to "Cancelled".
  13. Select the "Waiting List" tab. Employees selected from earlier will appear here. Select employees via checkboxes and click the Add To Attendee List to move employees to the attendee list. Confirmation pop-up will appear.
  14. Select "Attendees List" tab. Select employees via checkboxes and click the Invitation button. This button will only appear when Event Start Date is in the future. It will send an event reminder with confirmation pop-up appearing.
  15. If course event End Date has passed, Confirmation button will appear instead. This button will allow user to confirm employees that actually attended the event. Completed events will change event status to "Completed".

To View information relating to Courses Click Here. To View information relating to Course Providers Click Here.

Field Name Description
Name Free Text. Type the name of the Course event.
Courses Relevant course can be selected from this dropdown.
Provider Relevant course event provider can be selected from this dropdown.
Start Date Select Start Date and Time here.
Finish Date Select Finish Date and Time here.
Attendee Cost Enter in the cost per attendee here.
Other Cost Any other costs can be entered here.
Total Cost The total cost will automatically calculate and display here. The calculation takes (the number of attendees x Attendee Cost) + Other Cost.
Status Course event status will display here. E.g. Cancelled, Completed, Rescheduled, Scheduled
Event Owner Event Owner can be selected from this dropdown.

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