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General Options - Details

Accessed by clicking your "NAME" on the top right of the screen. You will see "SETTINGS" in the Dropdown. Select Settings. On the left hand side of the screen, you will then see options: DETAILS: HR: RECRUITMENT and so on. These options contains settings for these areas.

DETAILS - Company Information / Email Settings Section

This Section will help you customise the Company Naming & Email configuration of the Subscribe-HR System for your Company.

Company Name

This is a mandatory field to identify the Company the System belongs too.

Enable Emails

To Enable E-mail Sending Select Yes.

Email From String

Enter the from E-mail Address that you wish to have the e-mails sent from in relation to what the Recipient will see.

From Email Address

Enter the from E-mail Address

Company Directory

Tick the checkbox to enable the "COMPANY DIRECTORY". This will enable the "COMPANY DIRECTORY" for everyone who has access to the system.

Theme Section

This Section will help you customise the look of the Subscribe-HR System to suit your Company look.


Select the colours which best suits your Company Colours. These colours can be previewed as you select them, but will not be applied until the page has been saved.

The colours for the following sections can be selected using the colour picker:

  • Top Bar Colour - Top header where you can see your user group and name
  • Top Bar Font Colour - Font colour on the Top Bar
  • Left Menu Colour - Background colour left hand side menu
  • Left Menu Font Colour - Font colour on the left hand side
  • Left Menu Active Colour - On the right hand side of the font text - Left Hand Menu. Also highlight the menu text that is selected with the same colour
  • Left Menu Line Colour - The text on the left menu will be this colour. The Dots joined by lines and the text when you select the Folder or Subfolder
  • Left Menu Bottom Strip Colour - Bottom of the screen on the left hand side, under the main navigation. Where the logout button is
  • Font Colour - Font text in the main forms.
  • Link Colour - Hyper Link colour
  • Form Background - Main form background colour.
  • Dashboard Widget Corners - You can me the corners of the Widgets Rounded or Square. For Square Edges - use 0. For more rounded edges, use 4,5 or 5.

You can set these to the default colour scheme by pressing Reset Defaults below the colour pickers.

Once the colours have been selected, press the Save button.

Click on the Click here to upload link to upload your Company Logo. This Logo will then be displayed on the top right of the screen when logged onto Subscribe-HR.

Also see Customising the Logo

Mandatory fields are marked with Red Asterisk, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

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