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Customising the Subscribe-HR System with your companies logo is easy and helps makes the system more personalised.
There are a some things that we need to take into consideration when getting the logo ready. The last thing we want is a tacky quality image uploaded for all to see.

Getting down to business

By keeping the following in mind, and sticking to the guidelines your logo should look brilliant when uploaded.

Image size

The optimal image size is 148x81 Pixels (Width x Height).

Image formats

Subscribe-HR supports a number of image formats, in fact these are standard formats.

  • GIF/89a
  • PNG

Note: Internet Explorer supports PNG images but is unable to correctly display images with gamma correction or colour correction. Versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 7 are unable to correctly display images with alpha channel (for transparency).
This is an Internet Explorer issue and not a Subscribe-HR Software issue.

Automatic Resizing of larger images

If your image is larger than 148x81 Pixels your image will be squeezed in proportion to 148x81 Pixels. As a result your image may not look quiet right.

Uploading your Image

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, select System Settings.
  2. In the General SubTAB you will see Company Logo and a link Click here to upload.
  3. Select the Click here to upload link and select your image file.
  4. Select [Save]
  5. The screen should refresh and your logo will be immediately active.


The System Settings TAB is only available to Employee's who are part of the Administrator group. If you cannot see the System Settings TAB you are possibly not part of the Administrator group.

Subscribehr logo.gif