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New Users

When creating a new user you are defining what access they will have to the system. It is important to pay attention to the Security Groups and ensure the email address entered is correct.

Please note that the "Reset" button, allows you to Reset the Users Password. When you click this button, the user will be sent an e-mail to activate a "New Password"

Adding New Users

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "MAINTENANCE" from the left hand side navigation.
  2. Select the Users Folder.
  3. Select the [Add new record] button.
  4. Enter the users first name in the First name text box.
  5. Enter the users last name in the Last name text box.
  6. Enter the users email address in the Email text box.
  7. By Default Allow Web Access will be checked.
  8. Select Allow API Access if required.
  9. Select the Security Groups you wish the user to be a part of.
  10. Select the [Save] button.

Mandatory fields are marked with Red Asterisk, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

Once you save the user Record, they will be sent an e-mail automatically with their login details enclosed. Once logged in, the user can then change their password.

Activation links will expire after 48 hours

Important notes

  1. Ensure the Email address entered in is correct. The confirmation to login is sent to this email address.
  2. If you have set-up Roles, you can assign Roles to users.
    Example: 4 HR Managers, who belong to the HR Manager Role. The Workflows/Reminders can be set-up to send to a specific role, allowing anyone who belongs to that role, to complete the Task/Workflow.

Security Groups Explained

See Security Permissions-Security Groups Explained.

Adding New Group

See Security Permissions-Adding New Group.

Deleting a Group

See Security Permissions-Deleting a Group.

Multiple Security Groups Assigned to a User

See Security Permissions-Multiple Security Groups Assigned to a User.

See also:
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