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Assigning Group Permissions to a Self Service User

Adding additional Group Permissions to a Self Service user can only be performed after the user has been created in the Users screen.
The Self Service Activation Tool automatically creates the user in the Users screen when the employee has Self Service activated. The system will automatically pick up if a user is an Employee or Manager, by looking to see if the user has people reporting to them, or if they have been marked Manager in the Employee Master File.

Adding additional Permissions

  1. After logging into Subscribe-HR, select Maintenance from the left hand navigation.
  2. Select the Users Folder.
  3. Select the desired User.
  4. Locate the Security Groups box and place a check in any additional Security Group the user should have.
    Do not remove the check from Employee Self-Service or Line-Manager Self-Service as this will lock them out of the system.
    A User must have at least one checked.
  5. Select the [Save] button.

See Also Editing Security Permissions.

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