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Employee Work History

The Employee Work History area can be used to record the type of Industries and Roles they have held in the past, and which Employer they performed that role with.
This is valuable information in knowing your employee's past experiences and abilities.

Creating a Work History Record

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "HUMAN RESOURCES" on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select the Employee folder.
  3. Select the desired employee.
  4. Select the Work History sub-folder from the left side menu.
  5. Select the [Add New Records] button.
  6. Fill in the fields.
  7. Select the Save button.

Mandatory fields are marked in bold, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

Work History fields explained

Field Name Description
Employer The employers name. (Company name)
Start Date Date the employee started work for this employer.
Finish Date Date the employee ceased work for this employer.
Industry The Industry the employee worked in.
Role The role the employee played at this organisation.
Years Industry Experience The years of experience in a similar role.
Acted as Reference Person Acted as Reference
Notes Any notes on this work history


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