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Team Dashboards

Team Dashboard AWS users will be provided with Standard Dashboard options (listed below) and Widgets, as well as Standard User Group options.

Dashboard Widgets

User Groups and Dashboards work together. User Groups: E.g. SA, Employee, Self-Service, Line Manager, People and Culture, Recruiter, etc., can be assigned Dashboard access based on the list above. Based on User Group Permissions within the Dashboards, you will be able to access Widgets that belong to that Dashboard (and to which you have been granted Permission to view).

When viewing a user Group, you will see an option next to the Dashboard selector, which allows you to either:

  • PDF the Dashboard contents.
  • Pin that Dashboard (make it the default Dashboard instead of the Advanced Reports & Metrics Dashboard).

When "Pinning" a Dashboard, this will "Pin" that particular Dashboard as the default view when you navigate to "Home" (via the menu on the left-hand side of the system). Meaning, when you click "Home," or Log out and back in, the system will default to show the Dashboard you Pinned as the default. The Dashboard you have Pinned will display the word "Pinned" next to it in green in the Dashboards menu. You can change this at any time.


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