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Team Dashboards

Standard Dashboards

Team Dashboard Users will be provided with Standard Dashboard options (listed below) and Widgets, as well as Standard User Group options.

A Dashboard contains a series of Widgets related to a specific solution/functionality. For example, the Recruitment Dashboard contains Widgets related to the Recruitment solution and enables Users to manage the Recruitment stage of the Employee lifecycle. Widgets contain all the functionality related to the Widget Type/Name and enable Users to quickly and easily manage processes and actions related to that Dashboard and Widget type. For example, the Vacancy Requisition Widget on the Recruitment Dashboard enables Users to create and manage Vacancy Requisitions and then once authorised, create and publish a Vacancy. See below for a list of which Widgets appear on which Dashboards.

Note: The appearance and functionality of Dashboards and Widgets is related to User Groups and the permissions in place for each of those User Groups. Depending on permissions, different Employees will have a different experience/see different Dashboards and Widgets. See below for more information.

Dashboard Widgets

User Groups and Dashboards work together. User Groups: E.g. SA, Employee, Self-Service, Line Manager, People and Culture, Recruiter, etc., can be assigned Dashboard access based on the list above. Based on User Group Permissions within the Dashboards, you will be able to access Widgets that belong to that Dashboard (and to which you have been granted Permission to view).

When viewing a user Group, you will see an option next to the Dashboard selector, which allows you to either:

  • PDF the Dashboard contents.
  • Pin (and unpin) that Dashboard (make it the default Dashboard instead of the Advanced Reports & Metrics Dashboard).
  • Create new custom Dashboards.
  • Reset the Dashboard, which will reset standard Dashboards to their original/standard configuration, or delete all Widgets on a new/custom Dashboard (returning it back to an empty/blank state).

When "Pinning" a Dashboard, this will "Pin" that particular Dashboard as the default view when you navigate to "Home" (via the menu on the left-hand side of the system). Meaning, when you click "Home," or Log out and back in, the system will default to show the Dashboard you Pinned as the default. The Dashboard you have Pinned will display the word "Pinned" next to it in green in the Dashboards menu. You can change this at any time.

The following Widgets are are available on each Dashboard:

  • Recruitment Dashboard:
    • Vacancy Requisition Management.
    • Applicant Management.
    • Vacancy management.
    • Recruitment Surveys.
  • On/Cross/Offboarding Dashboard:
    • User Management.
    • Employee Processing.
    • User Management.
  • My Info, Manager and People & Culture Dashboards:
    • Personal Details.
    • Time Off and Pay.
    • Tasks & Notifications.
    • Announcements & Acknowledgements.
    • Time Off Management.
    • Timesheets Management.
    • Performance Management.
    • Company Policies.
    • Compliance Management.
    • WHS Incidents.
    • HR Surveys (People & Culture only).
    • HR Questions.
    • Training.
  • Standard Reports:
    • This Dashboard can hold a custom selection of up to 14 of the Standard Reporting Widgets Users want to display/view in relation to company/Employee data.
  • Advanced Reports & Metrics:
    • This Dashboard can hold a custom selection of up to 14 of Advanced Reports & Metrics Widgets Users want to display/view in relation to company/Employee data.
  • System Summary:
    • This Dashboard holds a static selection of Widgets related to System Use.
  • Activation Hub:
    • This Dashboard holds a static selection of Widgets related to System Set Up and configuration. The Widgets are:
    • Staff System.
    • Create Key System Settings.
    • User Management.
    • Data Manager.
    • Recruitment.
    • Free On/Cross/Offboarding.
    • Core-HR.
    • Performance Management.
    • SHaRe Employee Surveys.
    • Reporting & Dashboards.
    • Push Notifications & Adding Functionality.
    • Calculate Pricing [Free Trial Users].

Dashboard Widgets - Minimise and Maximise

Widgets are displayed in three ways:

  • Minimised - in which you only see the Widget heading/s. Click the ' + ' (plus sign) on the far right of the Widget heading to expand it to the Standard size.
  • Standard - in which the Widget fills one of the Widget containers on a Dashboard (full or half width). Click the 'small square (with rounded corners)' on the far right of the Widget heading to expand it to the Maximum/Maximised size.
  • Maximised - in which a new browser tab is created and on which the Widget is maximised so that the User can see more information (more rows in the Widget tables etc) and work in a single Widget at a time.

Only Widgets on the following Dashboards can be minimised/maximised:

  • Recruitment.
  • On/Cross/Offboarding.
  • My Info.
  • Manager.
  • People & Culture.
  • System Summary.

NOTE: all Widgets on the above Dashboards default to 'Minimised' as Standard so that all Widgets on the Dashboard can be displayed easily. To open the Widget/s to Standard or Maximised sizes, follow the instructions above. To reset a Dashboard to the default/Standard (with all Widgets minimised), click ' + ' (the plus sign) next to the Dashboards menu and select 'Reset Dashboard.'

This features is not available for the following Dashboards - where all Widgets are displayed as Standard):

  • Standard Reports.
  • Advanced Reports & Metrics.
  • Apps.

Widgets on the Activation Hub can only be maximised (not minimised) and display a maximum of 10 menu items only. If there are more than 10 menu items in a Widget, 'More Available....' will be displayed on the top right of the Widget, next to the 'small square (with rounded corners). To view the full list of menu items, click the small square to maximise the Widget and this will display all menu items.

User Groups

The following user Groups are are available for Team Dashboard Users:

  • CEO.
  • Developers.
  • Employee Self-Service.
  • Hiring Manager.
  • HR Advisor.
  • Line Manager Self-Service.
  • Onboarding/Offboarding.
  • People & Culture.
  • Recruiter.
  • System Administrator.

Permissions can be assigned to each User Group specifying which information Users in that Group have access to within/across the System. User Groups are assigned/updated in two ways:

Team Dashboards - Configuration and Adding a New Dashboard

Team Dashboards - Configuration

Standard Dashboards can be reconfigured in the following ways:
1. The 4 small Stat Widgets at the top of the Dashboard (if present) can be moved around and ordered to suit your preference (they can't be deleted or replaced).
2. The 13 large Widgets on My Info & Manager Dashboards, and 14 on People & Culture Dashboards can be moved/reordered or deleted/replaced with other Widgets.

To move/reorder Widgets, simply click on the Widget you want to move then drag it into a new position and then release it.

To add, delete and replace large Widgets, follow these steps:
1. To delete a Widget, click on the 'X' on the top left of the widget - this will remove it from the Dashboard.
2. In its place, a 'Plus' sign (+) will appear in the middle of the space/empty container left after the removal of the Widget.
3. Click on the 'Plus' sign and a 'Choose Widget' Wizard will open:

  • Select a Widget from the dropdown menu.
  • Specify if you want the Widget to be full or half-width.
  • Click 'Confirm.'

4. The Widget selected will then appear in the empty container left by the removal of the previous Widget.

Note: Dashboards only hold a total of 13 large Widgets on My Info & Manager Dashboards, and 14 on People & Culture Dashboards. If there are vacant Widget containers (because that Dashboard is not yet full) you will see an empty Widget container at the bottom of the Dashboard with a 'Plus' sign in it. If there are no empty Widget containers at the bottom of a Dashboard that means one of two things:

  • All the Widget containers are full.
  • There are no more Widgets for that Dashboard type available.

Dashboards can only hold Widgets that are relative to the Dashboard type (for example, you can't add an 'Onboarding' Widget to the Recruitment Dashboard, and you can't add the Performance Management Widget to the Onboarding Dashboard). If you try to add the wrong type of Widget to the wrong type of Dashboard, it will not work.

The Standard Reports and Advanced Metrics & Reports Dashboards can hold 14 Widgets.

Team Dashboards - Configuration - Expand and Collapse Dashboard Widgets

Users can expand or collapse the large Dashboard Widgets for easier Dashboard navigation.

To collapse a Widget, click on the minus sign ' - ' in the top right corner of the larger Widgets. this will hide everything but the Widget heading. To restore the Widget after collapsing it in this way, simply click on the plus sign ' + ' that now appears in the top right corner of the Widget.

To expand a Widget to full screen view, click on the small square in the top right corner of the larger Widgets. This will expand the Widget to a full screen view/User Experience. To return to the Dashboard view that contains all Widgets, click on 'Back to Dashboard' (which appears as a Breadcrumb/URL link under the Dashboards dropdown menu towards the top left of the screen).

This functionality is available on the following Widgets:

  • Recruitment.
  • On/Offboarding.
  • My Info.
  • Manager.
  • People & Culture.
  • System Summary.


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