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Online Portal Settings (Old Portal)

Customising the Online Portal (Old Portal)

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, select the Maintenance TAB.
  2. Select the Online Portal Settings folder.
  3. Once you have entered your customisations, be sure to select the save button then check the Online Portal for your changes.


By selecting a new font you will be changing the font type throughout the Online Portal.

Font Size

By Selecting a new font size you will be changing the font size throughout the Online Portal.

Font Colour

The value that you see in the Font Colour box is the HEX Value.
You do not need to know HEX, by selecting inside the Font Colour text box you will be able to access the colour picker.
From here you can:

  • Select the colour using the colour range and colour palette
  • Enter the colour using the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) values.
  • Enter the HEX colour value

After choosing the desired colour select the OK button.

Online Portal Width

The online portal width is the width of the outer frame surrounding all online portal content. This will define how much of an area the portal will take up on screen.

Company URL

The Company URL field allows you to customise your portal even more. The Home Page link found on the online portal will redirect a user to the URL you enter into the Company URL field.

Copyright Text

The copyright text field allows you to define your own text. This appears next to the Home Page link on your Online Portal.

Portal URL

The Portal URL is not an editable field, however is displayed for your information.
You can copy this URL and paste it into your browsers address bar to access the portal. This is highly recommended that you check your portal after making modifications.

Include Fields

The Include Fields options allow you to enable and disable the displaying of information on the Online Portal.

  • By unchecking the Location option you are disabling the display of the vacancy location.
  • By unchecking the Days Left option you are disabling the display of the Days Left before the vacancy expires
  • By unchecking the Close Date option you are disabling the display of the Closing Date for the vacancy.

Record List Settings

  • List Background 1 and List Background 2 are the background colours for the entries on the vacancy list.
    As seen in Figure 1.2 - Example Vacancy List Record 1 (Ref ID 3) has a background of grey, and Record 2 (Ref ID 4) has a background of white.
  • Highlight Colour is the colour that the record background will change to when you hover over the record.
  • Border Colour is the colour of the border that surrounds each record.

Tab Settings

  • Tab Colour is the background colour of all TABS
  • Tab Highlight Colour is the background colour of the selected TAB
  • Tab Border Colour is the colour surrounding the TAB
  • Tab Font Colour is the colour of the font inside the TAB

Heading And Form Settings

  • Heading Colour is the background colour of the header for all pages.
    On the List Jobs page the header is where the Ref ID, Close Date, Job Name is located. As seen in Figure 1.2
  • Heading Font Colour is the colour of the text in the headers.
  • Form Border Color is the colour surrounding some forms, this is noticeable on the Login and Help forms.
  • Form Row Color is the background colour of the rows on the forms.
    This is noticeable on the Register and Login forms.

Logos and Images

The Heading image is a fixed size of 460x95 (WxH) and the Footer image 460x55 (WxH)

  • Supported image formats are GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG.
  • It is ideal that the image be 96dpi and 16 million colours for best results.

Privacy Policy

Your company privacy policy can be pasted or written into the Privacy Policy field. If you are pasting from MS Word see below, otherwise you have excellent tools at hand to help format the document. PLEASE NOTE: at the very least, if you want to use the existing privacy statement, you will need to change the text where it refers to "Subscribe-HR" to your company name!!!!

The Description field and using a Word Document

The Subscribe-HR Software comes with some great tools for formatting the text

If however you have your Privacy Policy was designed in Microsoft Word you can simply copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the Description text field.
Sometimes there are formatting issues and not everything looks the same. In this instance click on the MS Word icon in the tool bar above the text box.
This will provide you with a window to paste your Microsoft Word text into

1. Copy MS Word Text.
2. Paste MS Word Text into Window.
3. Select the 'Insert' button.


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