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Creating and defining General Questions

General Questions are specific questions that are asked for a particular vacancy. Once a vacancy is created the general questions are created under the vacancy.

Creating a General Question for a particular vacancy

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, select the Recruitment TAB.
  2. Select the Vacancies folder.
  3. Select the desired vacancy from the list.
  4. Select General Questions
    If you see a list of questions then questions have already been setup for this vacancy
  5. Select the Create button.
  6. Fill in fields.
  7. Select the 'Save' button when completed.

Mandatory fields are marked in bold, the question will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first. If you activate the Questionnaires Feature in Maintenace, this will remove the General Questions Sub-Folder.

General Question fields explained

Field Name Description
Question Name Enter the question name the way you would ask the question, you should include a question mark at the end (?)
Question Type Is the question that you are asking

a Yes/No question, is this a Free Text where you want them to

provide a more in depth answer, or is this a multiple choice where you want to limit the answers that they can give.
Mandatory Do you want to make this question a must answer before being able to submit an application.
Yes Answer Score What point value you wish to assign IF an applicant answers Yes to this question
No Answer Score What point value you wish to assign IF an applicant answers No to this question
Rejection Answer (Yes/No) What answer to this question do you wish to

receive to decline further progression with this applicant

Example: My question is "Do you have a permit to work in this Country?
If the applicant answers No I wish to not proceed any further.

My rejection answer is No
Allow Selecting Multiple Option Where you would like applicants to be able to select more than one option in this multiple choice or limit them with only one choice
Multiple Choice Options To provide each option in this multiple choice and

assign each option with a points score to give to an applicant if they select this option.

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