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Tax Declaration submission

Tax Declaration submission is done via the SHaRe solution. The ATO’s Tax Declaration Form has been replicated in SHaRe to allow employees to fill this out as part of their on-boarding process. The responses are then converted into the required flat-file format required by the ATO so you can post these files straight into the ATO system. To submit a flat file to the ATO website, you must have an AUSKey before submitting your file through the ATO Business Portal. Note: you can also test your files before sending them to the ATO using the ATO Test Facility. Links:

Super Choices Capture

The Super Choices form has also been replicated in SHaRe and will allow you to automatically send this Dashboard to Employees as part of their on-boarding process. A link to the Canvas is also available in the dashboard. Once completed, you will be able to save the form as a PDF and provide this to the ATO.

Step by Step

New or existing Employees can submit their Tax Declaration or Super Choices to HR administrator through Canvases. The HR administrator can export these completed forms as PDF files. Tax Dec result can also be bulk exported to a flat file and imported in the ATO website.


  • Tax Dec and Super surveys are already created in the system. Both can be found under SHaRe > Canvases.
  • HR administrator can schedule it for existing and new employees.
  • Employees complete the form.
  • HR administrator exports the form data as PDF or flat file for Tax Dec.
  • HR administrator can submit the Tax Dec flat file in the ATO website

Scheduling Tax Dec and Super surveys

How the employee can complete Tax Dec and Super choices

  • Under the Dashboard Tab, the employee will find the sub-tab 'Canvases'.
  • Employee selects assigned canvases, completes the canvas and submits it.

HR Administrator Export options - Individual Employees

  • HR administrators can export Tax Dec. and Super choices from Employees > Canvas > Select Canvas
  • For Tax Dec. canvas, Both PDF and and Flat file for ATO can be exported.
  • For Super choices PDF can be exported.

HR Administrator Export options - Bulk Export

  • HR administrator can go to SHaRe > Compliance > Select Tax Dec or Super Choice surveys.
  • All employees can be selected or multiple employees can be selected via check boxes.
  • For Tax Dec. canvas, Both PDF and and Flat file for ATO can be exported.
  • For Super choices PDF can be exported.