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Setting up MYOB Payroll

This area determines how Subscribe-HR connects to MYOB AccountRight Live to import and export data.

Each record is a company file record.

MYOB Code fields explained

Field Name Description
Status Whether this record is Active or Inactive.
Auto-Sync Yes/No field. Determines whether the integration will sync daily.
Company File Name A name for the record.
API Type Select Desktop if the company file is hosted on your own servers. Select Cloud if it is held on the MYOB cloud.
Username Only appears if desktop is selected. Username for server log in.
Password Only appears if desktop is selected. Password for server log in.
Base URL Only appears if desktop is selected. Address for the server and where it is located.
Import The fields that will be imported into Subscribe-HR.
Export The fields that will be exported into MYOB.
Send Base Leave as Negative "Yes" will subtract from base hourly. "No" relies on MYOB doing this subtraction. Set this to "Yes" if all employees use base hourly.
Company File Only appears after saving. It is linked to company files in MYOB.
Request Access Only appears after Saving, and if API Type is set to cloud. Directs user to log in to MYOB. Logging in allows Subscribe-HR to access company files in MYOB.

Note:When selecting which fields are imported and which are exported, do not select the same field in both multi-selects. This can cause issues when updating. Imports are run before exports