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IQ Search

The IQ Search allows you to search for any keywords that were used in any applicants resume. It also allows you to select areas of the system to search on also. You can search these parts of the system for key words. You can also copy TalentCube definitions into the search criteria. You can select whether you want to search based on Applicants, Vacancies or both. Please note that searching on key words from documents will only apply to applicants. The IQ search tool will be extended by Subscribe-HR to allow you to search on all documents, in the future. If you want to search on key words for documents relating to applicant use the search option" EVERYWHERE CONTAINS; then type the key word. If you want to search for multiple keywords, add another row and then use: EVERYWHERE CONTAINS: then type the addition search word... and also on. This search can then be saved for future reference. Once saved, the IQ search you have set-up will update itself so that you can build TalentCubes in the IQ Search tool also.

IQ Search

  1. After logging into Subscribe-HR, on the left hand side under "TOOLS", select "IQ SEARCH".
  2. Create New IQ Search.
  3. Type Search Term in.
  4. Select: Applicant. Employees or All. This will search on the selected groups.
  5. If you want to search on a key word. Click Advanced Search. Use Everywhere and type the key word in. To add other options, select ADD on the right hand side. This will allow you to search other part of the system, e.g. Training Records or SHaRe Canvas Questions.
  6. Click "Run" to run the search.
  7. If you want to Copy Criteria from a TalentCube select the option.
  8. Select Save to save the search option. Type the name of the search in and save.

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