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Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a job. This section covers the attributes that are configurable for the Recruitment Portal front-end and attributes that are relevant to applicants and the gathering of data from Applicants.

Recruitment SubTAB

These fields when selected will show relevant information in the Manage Tool under the Vacancies Folder.

Stepping Tool Additional Fields

What other fields to include in the Stepping Tool. Example: Talent Cube, Last Contact Date(Type).

Vacancy Management Additional Fields

This multi-select Allows you to add fields from the Applicant and Applicant Vacancy objects to the Vacancy Manage Tool. These fields are searchable, and can be sorted by in the tool.

Exclusion Fields for New Employee

This multi-select allows you to choose which fields normally present in the employee wizard you would like to remove.

Enable Multiple Publications

This Yes/No drop down allows multiple publications. Subscribe-HR will need to be contacted to have this activated. More information can be found here.

Applicant Basic Attributes

This allows you to set the field:

  • Undesirable after this number of applications. This will mark the applicant in the Manage Folder when the applicant has passed the no. of applications in this field.
  • Linkedin Data to import This will enable collecting of the general profile data when the applicant selects Linkedin.
  • Applicant manual score type. Has values of Sum or Average, this refers to the way scores are calculated on the Applicant Manage List.
  • Allow Agencies A Yes/No field to determine if Agencies can submit applicants or not.
  • Manual Score Min. The lowest value that can be set by the Hiring Managers manual score.
  • Manual Score Max. The highest value that can be set by the Hiring Managers manual score.
  • First reminder before expiration (days) This field determines when the first reminder will be sent to applicants that their Job Alert is about expire.
  • Second reminder before expiration (days) This field determines when the second reminder will be sent to applicants that their Job Alert is about expire.
  • Auto export to Indeed This field will be defaulted to “Yes”, Setting this field to “No” won’t send the vacancy to Indeed. The Vacancy on Indeed will only be loaded whilst there is an active Subscribe-HR Portal Publication.


  • Active Vacancies Record Per Page This field will control how many records will be displayed per page in the Active Vacancies widget. The options are 10, 20, 30 40, and 50.

Please Note the following about Indeed

  • Indeed is a Job Search Engine, so if the Indeed Integration is activated in Subscribe-HR - it is not possible to prevent Jobs posted to Subscribe-HR Job Portals appearing on Indeed (it is all Jobs or none at all).
  • Indeed is a Free Service on the Standard Subscribe-HR System. More details can be obtained from the documentation provided by Indeed which is located on this link:
  • Subscribe-HR can post free and Premium ads to Indeed, however, Customers will have to communicate with Indeed to publish/use Premium ads.

Recruitment Portal Customisation

There are options listed below to customise the Recruitment portal. This is a very useful feature if you are using an I-Frame setup as the content of your website remains within your control. If you change the Look and Feel of your Website, you can customise your site without having to engage Subscribe-HR by updating the colour format yourself.

  • Logo This field enables the uploading of a logo file to the Recruitment portal. If your logo changes use this setting to upload the changed logo.
  • URL of the portal This web address needs to be set for new recruitment systems, as an associated link needs to be made with LinkedIn to bring data back to Subscibe-HR from Applicants LinkedIn accounts. If you wish to change this value then notify Subscribe-HR to update the LinkedIn Weblink on the back-end. You can click this link to open your recruitment portal.
  • Portal Logo URL The Logo on the Job Board portal lists the Vacancies when this field is blank. When the field is populated, the Logo can link to the home page of the corporate website or careers page.
  • Multiple Applicant Bookings Per Timeslot. This setting allows for multiple applicants to book interview timeslots using the "Email applicants for Free Timeslots" Button in the Interview Scheduler.
  • Recruitment Portal Colour Fields. Each of the ten listed fields has an associated link to the sections on the Recruitment portal. If you can obtain your colour definitions from your web developer you can apply then to your Recruitment Portal site.
  • Apply and Confirm text (before confirmation) This field holds rich text that appears when the applicant has arrived at the Confirm step in the application process.
  • Apply and Confirm text (after confirmation) This field holds rich text that appears when the applicant has selected Confirm and apply.
  • Max Upload Size (MB) This field determines the maximum file size for uploads for the Resume.

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