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Offboarding Wizard

The Offboarding Wizard enables you to create Offboarding Workflows to move Offboard all leaving/departing Employees.

Offboarding Wizard Navigation Functionality

There are multiple navigation options available to you throughout the Offboarding Wizard. These navigation options are outlined below.

  1. START - the "START" button at the top right-hand side of the Dashboard [The top right of your screen] is how you launch all Wizards. Click "Start" and this will launch a Wizard popup window containing a navigation menu. This is where all your Wizard interaction options exist. The Wizards available to you in this menu are based on your Permissions.
  2. View - to View a particular Wizard click on the downward pointing arrow on the right-hand side of the menu. Scroll down, choose the Wizard you want to View, then click 'Select.'
  3. Select - select enables you to choose (and move into) your chosen Wizard (from the main Wizard dropdown menu).
  4. Create New - allows you to create a New Record within a particular Wizard (where relevant).
  5. Create - allows you to 'save' a New Record you've created.
  6. Edit - allows you to Edit a Record.
  7. Save - allows you to Save a Record.
  8. Delete - allows you to Delete a Record.
  9. Previous - allows you to go back one step.
  10. Clear - allows you to clear content from the form fields in a Wizard. Note: clicking clear will remove the content from ALL the fields in that Wizard.
  11. Submit - allows you to Submit the data or Record/s you've added into a Wizard.
  12. Close - allows you to Close the Wizard you've been working in. Note: Closing a Wizard before completing it will result in a loss of the data you've input into data fields. You will be shown a popup window with a warning asking you to confirm your action before the data is lost.
  13. Search - a Search window will appear in the top right corner of the Wizard popup if relevant (E.G. Where there is a list of Folders within a Wizard). Search enables you to search for a specific Folder within a Wizard.
  14. Next - to navigate through items in a drop-down menu, click on the downward pointing arrow on the right-hand side of the menu. Scroll down, choose the item you want, then click 'Next' to progress to the next window.
  15. Breadcrumbs - on the bottom left of the Wizard popup window, you will see a 'Breadcrumb' (for example 'Start > My Info'). This Breadcumb enables you to go back to previous steps in the process by clicking on your preferred choice. Breadcrumbs give you more flexibility about which stage of the Wizard you want to 'go bacc' to (E.G. it is more flexible than just choosing 'Previous' which limits you to going back only one step in the process).

NOTE: There is a 6MB file limit on all files that are uploaded into Subscribe-HR's Team Dashboards System. Please ensure that large files are compressed/reduced and that the file size is less than 6MB (the smaller the file size, the better).

How to Trigger the Offboarding Wizard

You can trigger the Offboarding Wizard from the Wizard popup menu

1. Select "START" at the top right-hand side of the Dashboard [The top right of your screen].
2. Scroll down and click on the "Offboarding" option from the menu, then click "Select."

Offboarding – Select Employees to Offboard

When you open the Wizard, you will see a 'holding table.' 1. Select Existing Employee/s – scroll down the page to the table titled "Offboarding - Select Existing Employee/s" and select the Employee/s you want to Offboard by clicking on their name in the table/list one at a time. Each Employee you select will be added to the “Existing Employee/s Information” for you to Offboard. Click “Next.”

Offboarding – Employee Leaver Information

NOTE: The best way to complete the Offboarding Workflow is to first ensure that the Employee has returned all Company Property, specify/process this in the Wizard AND then mark them as a "Leaver."

If the Employee has Company Property to return, there will be a red "Return Property" button next to their name. To Return Company Property: 1. Holding Table – for each Employee added to the Offboarding List, click on the red “Return Property” Wizard (which will appear if that Employee has Company Property that needs to be returned prior to departure), and complete the Wizard for that Employee’s Property, e.g. Security Pass, Computer, Phone etc.
2. Specify the return date.
3. Click "Return."
4. The red Return button will change to a green "Done" button.
5. Click "Close."

You will be taken back to the “Holding Table." To mark an Employee as a Leaver, launch the "Offboarding Wizard" (click "Start Wizard").

1. First Name – the First Name of the New Employee will be shown here. Update if needed.
2. Last Name – the Last Name of the New Employee will be shown here. Update if needed.
3. Leaver – tick the checkbox to confirm that this Employee is leaving. Ticking this checkbox makes the Employee available to complete the Offboarding process via the Offboarding Wizard. It also marks the Employees as a 'leaver' in the System. If there is a Payroll integration in place, ticking the 'Leaver' checkbox may also mark that Employee as a 'Leaver' in Payroll (this varies depending not he Payroll integration. 'Leaver' status is not exported for all Payroll solutions/integrations.
4. Last Day of Work – click on the calendar on the far right and specify the Employee’s last day of work.
5. Date Left – click on the calendar on the far right and specify the day the Employee actually left.
6. Terminated by – specify who the Employee was terminated by (if the Employment was terminated by the business as opposed to the Employee resigning).
7. Would Rehire – specify if the business would rehire this Employee in future.
8. Termination Reason – if the Employee was terminated by the business, specify the reason for that termination.
9. Method of Termination – if the Employee was terminated by the business, select the method of termination from the downtown menu.
10. Reason for Leaving – select the Employee's reason for terminating their Employment from the downtown menu.
11. Termination Type – select the termination type from the downtown menu. Click “Update Leaver Information.”
6. Holding Table – you will be returned to the “Holding Table” where you will now see a green “Start Offboarding” button next to the Employee you just completed ‘Leave Information’ for. Click “Start Offboarding.”
You will be asked if you would like to 'Offboard' the Employee 'Now' or 'Later.'

  • If you select 'Later' you will be able to Offboard the Employee later via the User Management Widget on the On/Offboarding Dashboard. The Employee can be found in the in the 'Offboarding' Folder, and then under the 'To Do' Tab.
  • If you select 'Now,' the 'Offboarding' Wizard will be shown so that you can create an Offboarding Pack/Workflow and assign it to that Employee immediately.

7. Offboarding Workflow – It is possible (and also optional) to send an Offboarding Pack/Workflow to the Leaver. NOTES:

  • Offboarding Packs/Workflows are set up on the 'Activation Hub' via the On/Cross/Offboarding Widget.
  • Offboarding Packs/Workflows can include a 'Letter' Step. E.G. a 'Resignation Acknowledgement' Letter. When the Leaver Completes the Offboarding Pack/Workflow, this letter is presented for the Leaver to Sign and Complete along with the other Steps defined in that Offboarding Workflow (E.G. an 'Exit Survey').
    • Please note that if you include a letter like a 'Resignation Acknowledgement' in the Offboarding Pack/Workflow, you need to specify it as a "Letter" Type in the Workflow. This will allow the Leaver to review and Sign the 'Resignation Acknowledgement' as a step in their Offboarding Pack.

"Click on the green “Start Wizard" to complete the Offboarding process and to send the Offboarding Pack to the relevant Leaver.


  • User Profiles/Accounts are active for as long as the User remains an Employee or has active User Group/s permissions assigned. When an Employee leaves your organisation and you 'Offboard' them, their User Profile/Account is only deactivated when the following two parameters are met:
    • The Employee is marked as a 'Leaver' in the System, and.
    • The 'Last Day of Work' date entered into the System passes.
    • The System Administrator deactivates the Employee's User Account. This is done via the User Manager Widget on the Activation Hub. Open the 'User Management Control Centre,' select the 'Activated' Tab. Find the Leaver's name, then 'Deactivate' their User Account via the 'Action' dropdown menu.

Offboarding – Offboarding Wizard

1. Name – give the Offboarding Workflow a name (it is helpful to include the name of the Employee you’re going to use this workflow to Offboard).
2. Offboarding Pack/Workflow – click on the downwards pointing arrow (right-hand side of the popup window) to open the dropdown list. Select the Offboarding Workflow you want to use to create this Offboarding Pack. Offboarding Welcome Packs are fully customisable and can include (but are not limited to) the following steps:

  • Resignation Letter.
  • Exit Survey.

3. Employees – specify the Employee/s you want to Offboard via this Offboarding Workflow (if you've gone through the entire process above before getting to this point, as opposed to returning after having marked an Employee as a 'Leaver' to complete their Offbaording 'Later,' the Leaver's name will appear in this field. If you're returning to complete the Offboarding process, select the Employee to Offboard). Click “Next.”
4. When to Send – click on the downwards pointing arrow (right-hand side of the popup window) to open the dropdown list. Choose between sending ‘Now’ or ‘Later.’
5. Leaver's Pack Expiry Date – click on the calendar on the far right and specify the date and time you want this Offboarding Pack/Workflow to expire. If not completed by this date/time, all the steps/content in that Offboarding Pack will no longer work/be available to the User. You can amend this date/time via the "Employee Processing" Widget in the On/Offboarding Dashboard.

NOTE: Once the Expiry Date is selected and the Offboarding Workflow is sent, the date can't be changed. If there are any reasons your Employee might not be able to complete the Offboarding Workflow in the specified time then select an Expiry Date far into the future so that the Workflow remains active/available for the Employee to complete when they can.
6. Send Checklist - to send an 'Offboarding Checklist' tick the checkbox (which will display a dropdown menu).

  • The Checklist is sent to the Employee's Manager.
  • If you want to send a checklist to the Employee's Manager, specify/select which Offboarding Checklist you want to send from the dropdown menu. Click “Next.”
    • The 'Offboarding Checklist' has to be set up in the System before being/becoming available to select at this Step.
  • The Checklist option will not appear if the Offboarding Wizard is activated via the Employee Processing Widget in the On/Offboarding Dashboard. If you want to Offboard an Employee and include sending a Checklist as part of that Workflow, you will need to select the Offboarding Wizard either:
    • directly via the Start menu, or
    • by selecting "Now" at the Offboarding question at the end of the Offboarding Wizard.
  • These checkboxes are not mandatory and not always used in the System (Checklist will not appear in the Offboarding Wizard activated via the Employee Processing Widget in the On/Offboarding Dashboard. If you want to Offboard an Employee and include sending a Checklist as part of that Workflow, you will need to use the Offboarding Wizard. If needed, however, you can tick these checkboxes and the Employee's Manager will be sent an approval request via email. To approve, the Manager will need to log into the System and go to the 'Inbox,' (the envelope icon located in the top right-hand corner, next to the User Name and image), and follow these steps:
  • Click on the envelope.
  • Scroll down and click 'See All Alerts.'
  • Depending on the Offboarding date of the Employee, the approval request will either be under the Today, Upcoming or Overdue Tab.

Scroll down and click "Next." 7. Summary – the final screen for the Offboarding Wizard is a summary of all your choices throughout the Wizard. Check and confirm that all the correct information has been captured. If you need to make changes, use “Previous” (bottom right of Wizard) to trace your steps back through the Wizard, and then use “Next” (bottom right of Wizard) to return to the final summary page once all changes have been made. When you’re ready to send your “Onboarding” Workflow to the nominated Employee/s click “Submit.”
NOTE: Once you click Submit, the User/Employee will receive an email containing a URL that enables them to access and complete the 'Offboarding Pack/Workflow.' They do not have to finish everything in one sitting. All the content in the Workflow will remain live and available to them until the Expiry Date. To return to the Offboarding Workflow (to continue to completion) all the User/New Employee has to do is return to the email and click on the URL again. If the Offboarding Pack/Workflow date has passed, they will receive a message that it has expired. You can amend this date/time via the Offboarding Folder in the "Employee Processing" Widget in the On/Offboarding Dashboard.
8. Success – if your Offboarding Pack/Workflow has been submitted correctly, you will see a success message. If not, you will see an error message. If you see an error message, please retrace your steps back through the Wizard and correct any issues. Otherwise, please contact Support.

  • When an Employee is Offboarded, a Separation Certificate is created and can be downloaded as a .PDF, sent to the departing Employee via email (and also resent to the Employee if requested). The Separation Certificate history can also be viewed via the Employee Processing Widget in the Completed (W) and Completed Tabs in the Offboarding Folder on the Onboarding, Crossboarding and Offboarding Dashboard, including:
    • Date created.
    • Date first sent to departing Employee.
    • Any subsequent dates when it was resent to the ex-Employee.
    • Who sent the Separation Certificate.

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