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Creating New Job Alerts

Job Alerts are created through the Jobs Board (Online Recruitment Portal). Anyone can create a Job Alert (they do not have to be an Applicant / have applied for a Vacancy to do so). When someone creates a Job Alert through the Jobs Board (Online Recruitment Portal), this triggers a series of events as follows:

  1. That "Job Alert" Subscriber will receive an email confirming their registration for Job Alerts with reference to the Alert selections. The e-mail will contain reference to which Job Alert Triggers have been used e.g. Area of Interest Selection, Location Selection, Work Type Selection. This e-mail will also contain an "Unsubscribe" link.
  2. When the Company for which the User created a Job Alert publishes a Vacancy that matches the options they selected (Area of Interest, Location, Work Type), they will receive an email notifying them of the New Vacancy and inviting them to apply. If they Click on the link in the Job Alert, they will be taken to that Vacancy to Apply. The source of this application will be "Job Alert".
  3. If an Applicant De-Activates their Applicant Profile, they will no longer receive any e-mail communication from the system, including Job Alerts. If they Re-activate, they will opt back into receiving e-mails including "Job Alerts" if they have signed up for Alerts.
  4. If a "Job Alert" user, signs up for a Job Alert, then unsubscribes, and then at a later point comes back to the Job Board and creates a new Job Alert with the same e-mail as the previous, the Unsubscribed Job Alert Account will re-activate.
  5. If a "Job Alert" User/Subscriber has only set up a Job Alert (and they don’t have an Applicant/Jobs Board account) - the only way that the Job Alert can be cancelled is if the individual emails HR and asks them to cancel it. The People & Culture/Admin has to go into the Job Alerts on the individual Applicant record and either ‘deactivate’ or ‘delete.'

NOTE: Some of the features may not be available in Non Team Dashboard Systems.

Job Alert Fields Explained

The following fields are available to Users who create Job Alerts:

Field Name Description
Job Alert Options Selected by the User creating the Job Alert, options include: Area of Interest, Location, Work Type.
Areas of Interest Relates to the different type/s of work that the User is interested and/or has skills in.
Work Type Part Time, Full Time, Contract, Casual, Temp etc.
Location Relates to the different business locations the User is interested in working at.
First Name First Name of the User Creating the Job Alert.
Last Name Last Name of the User Creating the Job Alert.
E-mail E-mail address of the User creating the Job Alert. This is Mandatory.
Created Time When the Subscriber signed up to receive Job Alerts.

There is a De-active / Activate button available on the top right of the screen so that a Recruitment Admin User can performance the relevant function on behalf of the "Job Alerts" user.

The following fields are available in the "Alerts" History Tab:

Field Name Description
Date Date the Event Occurred
Sending of an Alert when a Vacancy match occurs Sends the person an Alert when the Vacancy is match - based on Vacancy Publication
Sending of Alert based on Alert Match and Applicant Profile Match Sending of an Alert when there is a match between the Subscribers Alert and the Alert TalentCube profile. Subscriber needs to be signed up for Alerts and an Applicant. E.g. the Alert TalentCube will use the Work Type match, the Area of Interest match and the Location match + what ever other parameters are in the TalentCube e.g. Certificates and Licences - matching the Applicant Profile.

Job Alerts TalentCube and Relationship to the Applicant Path

When a Job Alert subscriber creates a Job Alert, if they are an Applicant also, before becoming a Job Alert subscriber, they will appear in the "Job Alert" Talent Cube in recruitment. If an Applicant signs up for "Job Alerts" they will also appear in "Job Alerts" TalentCube.

  • The Job Alerts TalentCube, should contain as standard the definition to include: Area of Interest, Location and Work Type. Then you can add any other parameters: e.g. Certificates and Licence, Education and Qualifications etc.
  • TalentCube history is also stored against the Applicant Record in the "TalentCube" Sub-Folder.
  • The "Path" in the Applicant Sub-Folder, records the very first contact that the User/Applicant has with the system. For example, if they are not yet an Applicant, and they sign-up for a Job Alert, this will record them in the "Job Alert" Sub-Folder.
  • If they then become an Applicant e.g. they apply for an active Vacancy, the very first contact they had with Subscribe-HR (sign-up for Job Alert) will be recorded as the first entry in their "Path."
  • The second entry in their "Path" will be the record of their first Vacancy Application.
  • The purpose of the path is to track the entire contact history of each User/Applicant so you can see what type of interactions successfully hired Applicants have with the e-Recruitment with your organisation, all of which is recorded in the System so that you can see the path/process in total.

Job Alert History

A Job Alert History is recorded in the System for the Person/User who has created the Job Alert/s. See the Alert History sub-folder under Alerts. To manually remove people from receiving Job Alerts, HR/P&C Managers can delete their records in Alerts.

All Users that create Job Alerts will be recorded and appear in the "Alert" area in the System of the Company for which that Job Alert was created. Alerts can be accessed under the General > Recruitment Menu option (which runs down the left-hand side of the screen).

Each "Alert" created within the System contains the following information.

General Tab:

  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Email.
  • Areas of interest - the different types of roles the User is interested in, e.g. Admin, Finance, HR, etc.
  • Location/s - the different business locations the User is interested in working at.
  • Work type/s - the types of work the User is interested in, e.g. Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract, Casual, Temp etc.
  • Job link - a link to the latest Vacancy that is relevant to the Job Alert/s created by that User (and for which they have been notified regarding any Vacancies that match their Alert). [Not applicable in Team Dashboards]. If this link is Click the "Job Alert" subscriber will be taken to the Careers Page to apply for that Vacancy. The source of the Applicant if they apply will be "Job Alert". This will be seen in the Vacancy Management Widget, or the Vacancy Manage tool.
  • Date - a date and time stamp for that Alert.

NOTE: Any E-mails sent via Job Alerts, will contain an "Unsubscribe" link. If unsubscribe is used by the Job Alert recipient, the unsubscribe will be recorded against their record in the "Alerts" Folder.
History Tab:

  • ID - the ID created in the System for that Alert.
  • Date - the date and time that Alert was created in the System.
  • Description - a description of actions related to that Alert.

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