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Creating a Timesheet

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "HUMAN RESOURCES" on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select the Employee folder.
  3. Select the desired Employee from the list.
  4. Select the Timesheets sub-folder from the left side menu.
  5. Select the [Add New Record] button.
  6. Fill in the fields.
  7. Select the Save button.

Mandatory fields are marked in bold, the record will not be saved unless the mandatory fields are filled in first.

Timesheet Fields

Field Name Description
Add Jobs This allow you to add more than one Job on a Specific Day. Jobs relate mainly to cost codes.
Job Drop Down Field When you select Add Job, you can then use this Field to Select the relevant code
Start Time Record the Start Time of the Job Here
Finish Time Record the Finish Time of the Job here
T.I.L. Used If T.I.L. was used for this Job, enter this here.
T.I.L. Used If person was Sick, enter sick hours here.
Annual Leave If person was on Annual Leave enter this here.
Breaks Enter Break Time Here.
Hours Canculate the Hours Worked here. If you would like this to be auto calculated, please let us know

Timesheet Settings

Field Name Description
Timesheet Type This setting will place in to layout, the fields related to either 1 week or 2 weeks, based on "Week Start On"
Week Start On This will determine which day timesheets are to start from
Track Time in Lieu If this is set to "Yes" you will be able to track T.I.L. amount accruals in the Timesheet itself
Disable Drop Down Time Selection in Working Hours This will disable the Time Selection fields in the Timesheet Form.

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