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Creating a Successor Record for an Employee

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "PERFORMANCE" under the GENERAL area on the left hand side navigation.
  2. Select the Employee folder.
  3. Select the desired employee.
  4. Select the Succession SubFolder from the left side menu.
  5. Select the [New] button.
  6. Select the Job Which Job has this person been identified as a successor.
  7. Select the Start Date What is the desired start date for this person to take over this role
  8. Select the Reason. Why has this person been chosen to take over this role.
  9. Select the Readiness. When is it reasonable for this person to take over this role.
  10. Select the Attachment. Link any Documents.
  11. Select the Notes. Notes around the Reward.
  12. Select the Save button.

Mandatory fields are marked in bold, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

Rewards fields explained

Field Name Description
First Aider Has the employee completed a first aid course
Reward Name Select from the Dropdown. What type of reward is it
Date Select from the Date Time picker. Date and Time the reward was allocated.
Reward Type Select the Reward Type form the Dropdown.
Reason Reason for the reward. E.g. PDP, Skills GAP, Behaviour Displayed
Cost Cost of the Reward
Allocator Who decided on the Reward
Attachments Any Documents that need to be attached
Notes Notes Field

Dashboard Succession Widget is available to show: The Employee, which roles they have been defined as a successor for. For HR, all Roles and successors, with readiness dates.
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