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Workplace Incidents involving an Employee

The Employee Incident log allows you to log and report on incidents in the workplace. The Incident can be linked to an Employee Absence.

Creating an Incident Record for an Employee

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "HUMAN RESOURCES" on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select the Employee folder.
  3. Select the desired employee.
  4. Select the Incidents sub-folder from the left side menu.
  5. Select the [Add New Record] button.
  6. Fill in the fields.
  7. Select the Save button.

Mandatory fields are marked in bold, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

Incidents Fields Explained

Field Name Description
Cleared Check if the Incident has been adequately resolved
Cleared Date The Date the Incident is reported as being resolved.
Type The Incident type
Time of Incident The Date and Time the incident occurred
Reported Date The Date the Incident was first reported
Body Part If a body part was injured which body part
Department Which department the incident occurred in
Location Which location the incident occurred in
Witnessed Was the incident witnessed
Witness The name of the witness
Name of Illness or Description of Injury? Description of the incident
What was being done at time of Injury? Description of what task / activity the employee was performing at the time of the incident.
What went wrong? Description of what went wrong
Additional Comment Comments
Absent Was the employee absent due to this incident
Absent From The From date of the absence
Absent To The To date of the absence
Initial Treatment Select the initial treatment that was provided to the

employee. If no appropriate treatment can be found in the drop down please add this value using the Code Library. Select Maintenance, Select

Code Library and search for Employee Incident Initial Treatment
Were correct procedures being followed? Select Yes or No if company procedures were followed.
Notes Any notes on the incident
Work Cover Notified Select if Work Cover were notified
Work Cover Notified Date Enter the date that Work Cover were notified
Related Hazard Select any reported related hazard if one exists

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