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Company Policies - Digital Signature Explained

HR Managers need to be able to record whether an employee has read, understood or performed an action. The Subscribe-HR digital Signature component allows you to automatically record employee actions within Subscribe-HR.

A specific example of this can be seen with Company Policies. When an employee starts or views a Company Policy for the first time, Employees need to acknowledge that they have read and understood the Company Policies/New Policy. Subscribe-HR will automatically record that the employee has entered the Company Policy area of the system, enabling them to click the relevant option in their Dashboard to say that they have read and understand the policy. This is very useful for on-boarding and off-boarding of Employees and Legislative Compliance.

When an Employee Clicks Read --> "X" or on the Policy Name URL, against a Company Policy within their Dashboard, The Policy itself will appear. Then click "Agree" on the Top right of the Screen. Once this is done a Screen will appear with an option to "Accept" the Company Policy. Within this screen there will also be some Company Text which can be configure by users that have access to the Development Tool.

Users will also have the option to close the screen and not complete the "Accept" Process. In doing this, they will not have "Read" the "Company Policy".

If users chooses the "Accept" option, this will automatically tick-off that they have read the policy. The "X" against the policy in the Dashboard will turn to a "Tick".

There is a Standard report Available in the system that allows HR to see, by Company Policy, who has Read the policy/policies, and who has not. This report can be scheduled to send to a Recipient on a predefined basis.

See Scheduling Reports. Scroll down to the relevant section.

Company Policies - Messages

To configure the Message that show up when the user clicks the "X" "Read". Select "Messages" in the Development Module, then search for hr-6070. Select this and then edit "Message Content". Within the message, you will see [COMPANY] and [POLICY]. The Company name which is located in Settings, and the "Company Policy Name" located in "Company Policies" will be automatically merged into these brackets. Change the relevant text where appropriate.

For further information of "Messages" in the "Development" Module please see: Modifying Application Messages

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