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Apps Explained

Subscribe-HR allows third-party Developers to create custom solution extensions that can then be published in the Subscribe-HR App store and offered to Users as add-ons. To get started with App building the first step is to create your App record. Objects, Elements, Relationships, Integration Processes can then be created for your App and be bundled as part of the installation package.

NOTE: before your App can be published in the store it will be subjected to a testing, validation and approval process which will be performed by the Subscribe-HR team.

Once approved, the App will become available in the following two locations:

  1. Under the General menu (left-hand side of the System/screen) > Development > Apps.
  2. Via the App Dashboard [coming soon].

Developers can access the App documentation here:

Apps can be installed and configured by Users via the Activation Hub [Coming soon].

Creating A New App

  1. The first step in the process is to start a Free Trial:
  2. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, go to the General menu (left-hand side of the System/screen) > Development > Apps.
  3. Select the Apps folder.
  4. Select the "+Add new record" button.
  5. Enter the Name - name the App as you want it to appear in the store.
  6. Enter a Short Description - add a short App description snippet. This description will appear in the store on the App tile.
  7. Enter the Categories - include the categories that App will be listed under.
  8. Enter the Developer Name - list the Developer's name.
  9. Enter the Developer Website - share the Developer's website.
  10. Enter the Developer Logo - add the Developer/Company logo. This can be a product logo if this is an integration project.
  11. Enter the Full Description - include a detailed description of the App. Include any post installation instructions in this section as well.
  12. Click "Save."

Mandatory fields are marked with Red Asterisk, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

After the App has been saved, you will see a "Publish" button in the actions section. Click "Publish" when you are ready to publish your App. Subscribe-HR team will receive your request and start the App approval process.

Installing An App

[Coming Soon]

Users will be able to install integrated Apps in two locations:

  1. Via the Apps Dashboard (for System Administrators only). {Coming soon].
  2. Via "Settings" (you can access the Settings menu via the dropdown menu at the top-right of the screen (click on the downward pointing arrow next to your name). When the Settings page open, go to Developers > Apps.

To install an App:

  1. Click on the App widget in the App Dashboard or App Settings page.
  2. Configure the App settings (which includes endpoints listed as part of the integration).
  3. Click "Install."

When installation is complete, you will be asked to authenticate the App with your application account via the API, including:

  • User name.
  • Password.
  • Relevant URLs etc.

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