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Deleting Existing Data

When you subscribe you will receive your Subscribe-HR application with limited example data. There are a few ways to go about deleting this data.
1. You can ask Subscribe-HR to purge the data for you.
2. You can delete your own data.

Having Subscribe-HR purge the data for you

There are advantages in having your example data purged, and that is the record count is reset back to zero (0) as well as the data being cleaned out.
The first record you create after your data has been purged will start at 1, where as if you delete your own data the next record you create will start where the last record left off.

Deleting Your Own Existing Data

When deleting your own data the records are not purged, meaning that the data is deleted but your record counter is not reset back to zero (0)

1. After logging into Subscribe-HR, select the Human Resources option on the left hand side.
2. Select the Employee Sub-Folder.
3. Select the tick box above the first record, this will select all the employees on the page you are viewing.
4. Select the More drop-down on the top left hand side of the screen.
5. Select Delete
6. You will be prompted with a message "Are you sure you want to delete all the selected records?"
7. If you are sure, select OK

Perform the same delete actions for most paginated sections, including:
- Jobs
- Benefits
- Property
- Company Policies
- Risks

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