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Request Type Workflows Explained

You are probably wondering what Request Type Workflows are and how they can help automate HR processes.
Request Type Workflows are a sequence of connected steps that are triggered when an action is performed, these steps may cause someone to be notified of the action and the person notified to respond to the action.
Example: An Employee submits a Leave Request, this could trigger a workflow to notify the manager.
The manager will receive a request template, when the manager approves or denies the request for leave this triggers another action in the workflow to notify the employee of the outcome of the leave request.

Creating Request Type Workflow

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "DEVELOPMENT" from the left hand navigation .
  2. Select the Objects Folder.
  3. Select the Object that relates to the workflow you wish to create.
    Example: (If you are creating a request workflow that triggers actions when Employee Property is assigned you would select the Employee Property Object.
  4. Select the Workflow Tasks Sub-folder.
  5. Select the [Add new record] button.
  6. Decide whether the Workflow is Active or not
    If this is set to Yes then the Workflow is active in the system, and when triggered the workflow will carry out its task.
  7. Enter the Name of the Workflow.
  8. Select the Workflow Type:.
    Create New Records triggers when a new record is created only.
    Update Existing Records triggers only when a record is updated.
    Create New or Update Existing Records triggers when a record is create or updated in this related object
    Time Based is triggered when an event reaches a defined date or time.
    Triggered by another Task is triggered by another Task.
  9. Select Workflow Mode as Standard.
  10. Select Create Task
    Yes will create a task in the reminders Widget
    No will not create a task in the reminders Widget.
  11. Select the Task Type as Request.
  12. Select Enable External Approvals to Yes ,will enable the request to be Authorised by email. This requires the field Enable Workflow Links to be selected in the Merge fields. This inserts the merge field {%__Approval.Links%} in your correspondence email.
  13. Select the Approval Form.
    If an appropriate approval form does not exist, or the drop down is empty
    You will need to contact Subscribe-HR to discuss what fields you require on your approval form.
  14. Enter a Description of the Workflow Task.
  15. Select the [Save] button.
  16. Select the Condition Sub option.
  17. Select the field that you want to apply a condition to.
    Example: This could be as simple as when Absence Reason Equals Maternity Leave. Once this condition is met then the workflow is triggered. The condition also takes into consideration the Workflow Type, If you selected Create New Records then the only time the condition is met is when Absence Reason equals Maternity Leave on creation of a new record. If we created a record and the Absence Reason was equal to Annual Leave and we updated this to Maternity Leave the workflow would not be triggered because it does not meet the Workflow Type rules. Adding further conditions becomes an AND statement where all conditions must be met before the workflow is triggered. There is no option to perform an OR statement at this time.
  18. Select the [Save] button.
  19. Select the Reminder Sub option.
  20. Select the Due Date Field that you wish to base your reminder action on.
    This will trigger a reminder to be sent on the date that is entered into this field.
  21. Select Send to Employee Manager option. If Yes the employee's direct manager will receive a reminder.
  22. Select Send To Location Manager option. If Yes the location manager will receive a reminder.
  23. Select Send To Managers Manager option. If Yes the Employee's Manager's Manager will receive a reminder.
  24. Select Send To Users option. Any user with a check against their name will receive a reminder.
  25. From the Main Template drop down select the template that should be sent to Managers.
    New Templates can be created by selecting the Maintenance TAB and selecting the Correspondence menu item.
  26. Select Send To Employee option.
    If Yes the employee will receive an email reminder.
    If No the Employee will not receive an email reminder.
  27. From the Employee Template drop down select the template that should be sent to the Employee.
    New Templates can be created by selecting the Maintenance TAB and selecting the Correspondence menu item.
  28. Select the [Save] button.
  29. Select the Updates Sub option.
    The Updates functionality allows for the updating of a fields record when the workflow is triggered. It is not necessary to update fields to successfully run a workflow.
  30. Select the field you wish to update.
  31. Enter the data you wish to have the field updated with.
  32. Select the [Save] button.

Mandatory fields are marked with Red Asterisk, the record will not be saved unless mandatory fields are filled in first.

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