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Creating a new employee using the ‘New Employee Wizard’ (This Tool is only available in systems that don't use Team Dashboards).

The 'New Employee Wizard' screen is designed to quickly and efficiently allow the user to create new employees within minutes. It is important to know that additional setup of the employee maybe required.

How To

1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, under "TOOLS" you will find the "NEW EMPLOYEE WIZARD".
3. Click on the New Employee Wizard menu item.
4. You will be navigated to the 'New Employee Wizard' screen. You will notice some field labels marked with a red asterisk, these are mandatory fields and are the minimum required to create a new record.
5. Fill in the employee details into the fields, ensuring you have filled in any mandatory fields.
6. You can now click on the Save button.
7. The data entered is saved, and a confirmation is shown at the top of the screen "Employee profile has been created."
8. You will be navigated to the 'Employee' screen where additional information can be entered about the employee.

The New Employee Wizard Fields Explained

Field Name Description
Employee Code The Employee Code

should be a unique number identifying the employee, you may want

to use the employee's payroll number.
Start Date Employee

Start Date. This is the first day the employee is physically at

Employee Title Employee's Title. (Example: Dr, Mr, Ms, Mrs) Other options can be added.
First Name Employee's first name.
Surname Employee's Surname.
Gender Employees Gender.
Address 1 Line 1 of the Employee's Address.
Address 2 Line 2 of the Employee's Address.
Suburb Suburb of the Employee's Address.
State State of the Employee's Address.
Post Code Postcode of the Employee's Address.
Country Country of the Employee's Address.
Home Phone Employee's phone number.
Mobile Employees mobile number.
Job Name This is the Job you are assigning to the employee.
Employee Salary The Salary paid to the employee.
Hourly Rate The Hourly Rate the employee is paid.
Salary Type Salary Type defines

how the employee's wage is paid. (Example: Salary, Hourly,

Payment Frequency The Frequency

defines how often the employee's wage is paid. (Example: Weekly,

Fortnightly, Monthly)
Actual Hours Actual Hours the employee is required to work during the period.

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