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Creating Announcements and Acknowledgements

To create an Announcement and Acknowledgement, use the START option on the Team Dashboard.
This option will allow you to send an Announcement to Recipients, create content, Acknowledge People and attach a Survey.

Creating Announcements and Acknowledgements

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, top right of the screen, select "START". Select the Announcements and Acknowledgements option.
  2. Enter the details including the Name of the Announcement, Type of Announcement, who it should be sent to.
  3. Create the content of the Announcement in the editor. Link a Survey.
  4. Link Employees to the Announcement in the Acknowledgement Tab.
  5. View the Summary and Send.
  6. Success.
  7. Note that My Info and People and Culture Team Dashboard Tabs allow for Employees to interact with the Announcements and Acknowledgements and People and Culture to Edit, Delete and View Summary Information for the Announcement (Survey).

NOTE: Fields marked in bold are mandatory and must be filled in before the benefit can be saved</b>

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