Changing the order of search fields

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Changing the Sort Order of fields on the Search

Elements that have been created and flagged with Display on Search Results will appear on the search form of the object.
When they appear in the search form they will appear in natural order, sometimes giving undesirable results. When the Search Fields Display Order is changed this order is changed for every user in your system.

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, navigate to the Development TAB.
  2. Select the Objects Folder.
  3. Select the object that you wish to modify.
    Example: If you are modifying the order of fields on the Employee Property screen then search for Employee Property in the objects search.
  4. Select the Layout SubFolder.
  5. The Search Fields Display Order section allows the user to customise the order / position that the field appears on the search form.
    The Search Fields Display Order section is automatically populated with any elements (fields) that are flagged with Display on Search Results.
  6. To change the order that the elements appear in simply drag the desired element into position.
    The first element in the list will appear as the first on the search form from the left.

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