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Assigning Standard Questions

Standard Questions are a pool of commonly asked questions that the HR Team or Managers may want to ask an applicant when applying for a vacancy.

Once the pool of questions are established these questions can be re-used in any number of Vacancies you may setup.
Standard Questions need to be setup before you can assign Questions to Vacancies.

To Assign a Question to a vacancy:

  1. Select the Recruitment TAB.
  2. Select the Vacancies Folder.
  3. Select the desired Vacancy.
  4. Select the Main Questionnaire from drop down Link Questionnaire.
  5. If required, select a Secondary Questionnaire from drop down Link Questionnaire (Other Questions Section).
  6. Select the [Save] button when complete.

Setting up the Questions and defining if the question is mandatory, is performed in the Standard Questions Setup.

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