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The Job Board

The Job Board is designed for applicants to register their interest and apply for advertised jobs.


After logging in you see the default List of Vacancies, a Search menu, Job Alerts, Profile, Deactivate and Jobs Links. Your Job Profile is built as you apply for a vacancy and progress through the system.

Searching Vacancies

Vacancies can be searched on the Job Board to make it easier to find vacancies relevant to the applicant. To setup a search do the following:

  1. Fill in a set of search term(s) in the text box.
  2. Select the Location(s) of interest for the Vacancy.
  3. Select the Categories that apply.
  4. Select the Salary Range that is of interest.
  5. Select the Employment Types that are of interest.
  6. Select Search to perform the search.
  7. This will display a set of search results that match the criteria entered.

Logging into the Job Board

  1. Follow the link provided to you by email to access the Job Board.
  2. Select the Login link.
  3. Fill in your registered email address
    This is the email address you used when registering.
  4. Fill in your password.
  5. Select the Login button.

Previous Applications

If you have already started or completed an application, then visiting the applications page will show all applications that have been applied for and their current state.

  1. After login to the portal, select the Profile Link.
  2. Select the Incomplete Link to open the previous application and continue at the step that was saved.
  3. Select the Withdraw link to discontinue an Application.
  4. Select OK, and the application will be marked as Withdrawn.
  5. View the Position Links which shows all positions applied for listed.
  6. Select the Position of interest to open the Position description.
  7. View the Location which shows the Suburb and State of the Position.
  8. view the Applied field which shows the day and date when the application was completed.
  9. View the Interview field which shows the date and time when any interviews have been accepted.

Applying for Vacancies

There are two ways to get started, you can either select Apply below the Position Title or select Find out more in the Position summary and then select the Apply button on the Position Description.

  1. From the List of Vacancies, locate the vacancy of interest.
  2. Select the Apply button.
  3. This will open the Position Description.
  4. Select the Apply button at the bottom of the page (or there is a URL Link at the top on the right). If you have already started the application for this particular job then the button will be labelled as Continue.
  5. If you are a first time user and do not have a user name or password, before you enter your e-mail address to see if the system recognises you as an existing user, there is "How to apply instruction".
  6. After you have read the instructions, you can click "Begin".
  7. Then Enter e-mail address.
  8. Enter Details including Password.
  9. Then attach CV and Attach LinkedIn (optional) profile.
  10. You will end up on your profile page where you can add your address details, mobile number, social handles.
  11. From this point, go through the process based on the steps that are outlined at the top of the screen.
  12. These steps can include: Education, Certificates, References, Questionnaires, Confirm and Apply.
  13. After application is complete, go to your profile to view your Applications, Education, Certificates and Licences etc.
  14. To withdraw or complete an incomplete application click on Profile, on the top right.
  15. Then click "Applications".
  16. There will be a list of current and past applications.
  17. Perform the relevant action by clicking on the URL such as "Incomplete" or "Withdraw"

NOTE: There is a Help file on each Careers Page which is located at the top of the screen on the right, near "Login"

Step 1 Profile fields explained

Step 1 Profile is a confirmation of the applicants details. Please note that Live Validations are available on all fields on request. As Standard, live validation is performed on: "E-mail" and "Password" fields.

Field Name Description
Title Applicants Title
First Name First name of the applicant. (Live Validation)
Surname Surname of the applicant. (Live Validation)
Address 1 Is for street number, street name, or maybe PO Box.
Additional Address Is for apartment, floor, suite, building # or more specific information within Address 1
E-mail E-mail address of the applicant. (Live Validation)
City Is for the suburb/city the applicant lives in
Post Code Is for the post code of the area the applicant lives in. (Live Validation)
State Is for the state the applicant lives in
Country Is for the country the applicant lives in
Phone Number Applicants phome number
Resume (doc, docx, rtf, odt) The Resume Uploaded by the Applicant.
Social Media Shows the Twitter URL, Facebook URL and LinkedIn URL

  1. Select the Next button. The Exit button can be selected at anytime if you wish to continue with the application at a later date. You will be able to find the vacancy and continue by selecting Profile from the menu and then selecting Applications. Then select the continue link adjacent to the vacancy.
  2. Select Add New Item in Step 2 Education.
  3. View a New Education Pop-Up with the options to Save or Cancel.
  4. To save this, select the Save button. You will be able to add further Education History information by filling in the fields again and selecting the Add New Item button.
  5. When all Education has been entered select the Next button.

Step 2 Education fields explained

Field Name Description
Institution The name of the institution who delivered the education.
Qualification The Type of Qualification that was undertaken.
From Date The date the education started.
To Date The date the education finished.
Graduation Date The date the applicant had graduated from the course.
Academic Transcript A file upload of the Academic Transcript.
Description The Description of the qualification the applicant received.

  1. Select Add New Item in Step 3 Work History.
  2. View the Work History Pop-Up with the options to Save or Cancel.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Work History Pop-up.
  4. Select the Save button to store the record.
  5. Select the Add New Item button to add further Work History.
  6. When all Work History has been entered select the Next button.

Step 3 Work History fields explained

Field Name Description
Employer The business name of the employer.
Role The role the applicant played while employed with this business.
Industry The industry name the role was in.
Years Experience How many years experience has the applicant had in a similar role.
From Date The date the applicant started with this employer.
To Date The date the applicant finished with this employer.

  1. Select Add New Item in Step 4 Referees.
  2. View the Referees Pop-Up with the options to Save or Cancel.
  3. Fill in the fields on the Referees Pop-up.
  4. Select the Save button to store the record.
  5. Select the Add New Item button to add further Referees.
  6. When all Referees have been entered select the Next button.

Step 4 Referees fields explained

Field Name Description
Title The title of the referee.
First Name The first name of the referee.
Lastname The Lastname of the referee.
Work History You can link this referee to any previous work history.
Company The company name the referee works at.
Job Title The job title of the referee if the applicant used to work with them.
Phone The phone number of the referee.
Mobile The mobile number of the referee.
Email The email address of the referee.
Address 1 The Address Line 1 of the Referee
Address 2 The Address Line 2 of the Referee
Suburb The ASuburb of the Referee
Post Code The Post Code of the Referee
Country The Country of the Referee which is a mandatory field
Attachment An attachment field if required for any documents
Relationship The type of working relationship the applicant had with this referee.
Work History You can link this referee to any previous work history.

  1. Select Add New Item in Step 5 Certificates & Licences.
  2. View the Certificates Pop-Up with the options to Save or Cancel.
  3. Fill in the fields on Certificates Pop-up.
  4. Select the Save button to store the record.
  5. Select the Add New Item button to add further Certificates & Licences.
  6. When all Certificates & Licences have been entered select the Next button.

Step 5 Certificates & Licenses fields explained

Field Name Description
Location The Location the certificate or license was obtained
Certificate / License Type The Type of certificate or license the applicant holds.
Obtained Where Who provided the certificate or license.
Date Obtained The date the certificate or license was obtained by the applicant.
Expiry Date The expiry date of the certificate or license held by the applicant.
Scanned Copy A Scanned copy of the certificate or license uploaded by the applicant.
Description A short Description of the certificate or license.

Step 6 Questions

The Questions are setup using the SHaRe Module. Refer to the documentation from the wiki main page to see how this is created.

  1. Answer any questions in Step 6 Questions.
    If there are no questions available select the Next button to skip.
  2. Select the Next button, after all questions have been answered.

Step 7 Confirm

  1. Step 7 Confirm provides you with a confirmation message and two options to select.
  2. Select the Save and Submit Later button to hold the application open to continue later.
  3. Select the Confirm & Apply button, when happy with the application.
  4. View the final confirmation message that has been enabled on the system.


This allows the applicant to select from a set of time-slots the Interviewer has made available. A status message on the toolbar will indicate to the applicant they have timeslots available. Emails are sent to applicants based on the Timeslots created. See the

Schedule an Interview Tool documentation for more information.

  1. Select the Profile Link at the top of the Page.
  2. Select the Interviews Folder at the base of the the folder list.
  3. Select the Interview timeslot that is acceptable for the Vacancy using the radio button.
  4. Select Accept to confirm the interview.
  5. Select the Cancel button if required to cancel an Interview.
  6. View a pop-up Interview Cancellation.
  7. Enter a Reason for the Cancellation.
  8. Select Save to Submit the Cancellation.
  9. Select Close to Abort the Cancellation.

Please also refer to Schedule and Interview and Interview Face to Face Manage Tool Interview and Vacancy Manage Tool for other information about Applicant Interview Scheduling.


The Social Media Sharer is available to public users (Applicants) so that they can share Jobs that are advertised on your job board through a multitude of social media platforms including but not limited to E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Other options are available. E.g. Google +. Please ask us about these. To Share a Vacancy with your Social Networks, Select the Vacancy to access the Vacancy Description Page. Top Right of the page, you will see Social Media and E-mail Icons. To Share, select the Network you wish to share with.

  1. Select the Vacancy. Which will take you to the Vacancy Description Page.
  2. Select which Social Media platform you wish to share the vacancy on by clicking the appropriate button.
  3. View a Pop-Up requesting the social media channel to Share to.
  4. View a pop-up and login with relevant username and password.
  5. Select Allow Access
  6. The details of the Vacancy will then be posted to the applicants social media feed.

Log Out

The Log Out link allows the applicant to log out of their account. This is recommended when you have finished with using the microsite.

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