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Applicant Contracts

When an Applicant is moved to the Contracts Sign-Off stage in the Vacancy Manage Tool, all of the history that occurs is recorded here. The history is also recorded in the Vacancy Contact Summary as well as the Applicant Path.
The information that is recorded includes:

  1. When the contract is generated, and updated (through the authorisation process).
  2. When it is sent to the applicant and who sent it.
  3. When the Applicant opens the contract with the security code. When the applicant signs the contract.
  4. The IP address of the Applicant.
  5. When the Applicant prints the contract and so on.

Creating Applicant Contract

  1. Please note: Records in this sub-folder are generated automatically, when a user moves an Applicant to the contract-sign-off stage in the Vacancy Manage Tool. Please also see, Vacancy Manage and Stepping Tool information.

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