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Performance deployment tool (For Users who do not user Team Dashboards) is used to launch performance reviews for one or multiple employees, departments or groups. Deployment tool works by accepting performance canvas and workflow as parameters and creating review processes for each employee specified in the wizard. Below sections describe each step in the wizard in more details.

Using Performance Deployment Wizard

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR , select Performance from the Workbench area in the left hand navigation.
  2. Click on Deploy New button.
  3. Go through each step and fill in all the mandatory fields.
  4. Click the [Submit] button at the last step.

Step 1 - Select Canvas

Field Name Description
Name Deployment name.
Template Performance review template.
Copy From Previous Review Specify items to bring from previous review into current one. For example selecting skills will copy all skills defined in the last performance review and auto-create them in the current review.
Employees Once or more employees to send the review to.
Groups One or more groups to send the review to.
Departments One or more departments to send the review to.

Step 2 - Review and Edit

This step allows users to preview their performance review canvas and make any last minute changes to the paragraphs. A role drop down field allows switching between different views. User can preview what employee or manager or peer will see when completing the review form. To edit paragraphs simply click on text in paragraphs to enable the editor.

Step 3 - Timing

Field Name Description
When to Deploy Two options available. Now or Later.
Deploy Date (If When to Deploy = Later) Specify actual date of deployment.

Step 3 - Summary

Displays summary information of all fields entered in previous steps. At this point you can still go back and make changes. Once Submit button is pressed the deployment task will be placed into scheduling queue. If deployment has not yet been deployed you can still cancel it using Cancel action in deployment list all view.

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