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The List All shows all records in an object.

Personalised Settings

All Settings saved for the List All is saved for the user. Any changes are specific to the user.

Search and Advanced Search

To SEARCH: The Search function allows for searching by a field on records based on the key word you type into the search box on the top right of applicable pages. To perform a quick search, select the search box and type the key word, clicking the magnifying glass at the end of the text box or press enter.


  1. Go to any applicable page with the quick search bar visible on the top right of the screen.
  2. Select Advanced. This will allow you to perform a more filtered and refined search.
  3. Select the field by which you wish to filter by e.g. First Name. The results displayed in the drop down are specific to the page you are on.
  4. Select the condition of the search. E.g. Equals, Not-Equals etc.
  5. Type in the search term that you would like to assign the search.
  6. Select Add Rule to add a new condition to your search. This will pile onto the condition you added previously.
  7. Select Add Group to add a new set of conditions to your search. These conditions will pile onto your other conditions, however they are physically separated to provide further refinement to the search.
  8. Select AND to require the search to find items that meet both of the groups conditions. Select OR to require the search to find items that meet either of your groups conditions. Meaning only one groups conditions have to be met in order for the data to show.
  9. Select the Search button on the bottom right to search with the predefined conditions.
  10. Select the Clear button on the bottom right to clear all the added conditions and groups

If the Search box has a red outline, the query terms are invalid. This means either the Field or Condition has been entered incorrectly, and should be checked.


When you select an a record from list all:

  1. Select the "SAVE PDF" button on the top right hand side of the screen.
  2. This will allow you to save the form that you are looking at as PDF.

Data Import

The Data Import Tool is accessible from the List All page. To access the Data Importer:

  1. When viewing a List All page, select the More dropdown list.
  2. Select the "Data Importer" option.

Usage of the Import Tool can be seen Here.

Pagination and Sorting

The List All functionality is paginated to separate the amount of records per page.
Pages can be moved between at the bottom of the List All page.
The amount of records per page can also be changed at the bottom of the page.