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Creating a new Campaign

1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, select the Recruitment TAB.
2. Select the Campaigns Folder and select the 'create' button.
3. Fill in the fields provided
Fields that are mandatory are marked in bold. These fields must be filled in before being able to save the Campaign.

Campaign Fields Explained

Field Name Description
Name The name of the Campaign
Start Date The date the Campaign starts
End Date The date the Campaign is going to end
Manager The person managing the Campaign
Location The location the Campaign is for
Notes Any notes relating to the Campaign

Using Campaigns

Setting up campaigns in the Subscribe-HR Software can allow a user to report on and gauge how successful a recruitment campaign was.
The graduate campaign portal is accessible by adding Graduate-Jobs to the end of the portal URL.

1. Select the Recruitment TAB and select the Campaigns folder.
2. Select the 'create' button.
3. Enter the Name of the Campaign.
4. Provide a Start date for the Campaign.
5. Provide an End Date for the Campaign if known.
6. Select a manager for the Campaign if applicable.
7. Select the location that the Campaign is for.
8. Enter any notes.
9. Select the 'Save' button.

Assigning a vacancy to a campaign

1. Select the Recruitment TAB.
2. Select the Vacancy folder.
3. Select the Vacancy you wish to assign.
4. Locate the 'Campaign' drop down and select the desired Campaign.
5. Select the 'Save' button.

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