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Team Dashboards is in the Release Planning Process. The release will Start in July of 2020. Team Dashboard Widgets will include: Tasks and Notifications: Send to Self. Manager. HR. Team Member. Performance Management: Goals, Catch-ups, PDP, Tracking of Reviews. Company Policies. General Details. Dashboard views will be able to be set-up for Employee: Manager: People and Culture: HR Metrics Reporting and Recruiters. Dashboard Widgets will be able to be easily created from our new Dashboard Widget Tool. This will allow you to easily and cost effectively create your own Widgets and Dashboards. Please stay tuned: New Release information will be sent out over the coming months. This part of the Wiki will be updated as the Development/ Build Phase is completed.


Team Dashboard Widget Standard Types

The Types Dashboard Tabs that are available in Subscribe-HR:

  1. My Info Widget - Personal Information.
  2. Manager - Team Information for Managers based on their Team. Managers will have this Tab + My Info Tab.
  3. People and Culture - HR Manager and HR Team can use this Tab to Manage the organisation. People and Culture will have this Tab + Manager Tab + My Info Tab.
  4. Performance Management - Allows Employees, Manager and People and Culture to manage Reviews, Catch-ups, PDP's and Goals. Access to information will be based on the User Role. Employees see their own information. Managers see their team + their own information and People and Culture see everything + their team + their own information.
  5. Recruitment - For Recruiters who need to manage the Recruitment Process.
  6. Onboarding - For Onboarding New People.
  7. Reporting and Metrics - Contains Standard Reports + HR Metrics based information.
  8. SA - Contains system usage and system configuration including billing information.
  9. Please note that you can create any type of widget that is needed. This can be done using the Widget Building which is located in the Developer Solution. You can set-up Widget permissions in Groups / Permissions.

There is a restriction of 10 Widgets Per Dashboard Tav. Dashboard Tabs can be created by you are required. Standard Dashboard Widgets are for: Employees, Managers, People and Culture, Recruiters, HR Metrics Reporting and System Admins Stats.

My Info Tab

This User Tab Contains Widgets:

  1. 4 Small Information Display Widgets
  2. Personal Details
  3. Time Off and Pay
  4. Tasks and Notifications
  5. Company Policies

These widgets can be moved around in the Dashboard. They can also be removed from the Dashboard. This can be done in Maintenance --> Groups --> Permissions --> Select a Group and Go to Widgets.

My Info Widget - Personal Information

  1. Name
  2. Job
  3. Location

My Info Widget - Time off and Pay

  1. Name
  2. Job
  3. Location

My Info Widget - Tasks and Notifications

The Tasks and Notifications Widget allow users who have access to "Team Dashboards" to receive, send and interact with "Quick Tasks" and automatically triggered workflows. These Task and Notification items are also delivered into the "Inbox". "Quick Tasks" can be sent from, the "Start" option, or from the "Tasks and Notifications" Widget itself.
This is a list of Standard "Tasks and Notifications" functionality.

  1. Search - Text Search e.g. Search on Task Name - Birthdate or Persons Name.
  2. Quick Task- This allows the user to send a Task or Notification to: another user or themselves. The recipient list will indicate who their Manager is and HR users.
  3. Today - Shows the user Tasks and Notification for "Today". The numbers will indicate how many items are relevant.
  4. Upcoming - Shows the user what Tasks and Notifications are "Upcoming". The numbers will indicate how many items are relevant.
  5. Overdue - Shows the user what Tasks and Notifications are "Overdue". The numbers will indicate how many items are relevant.
  6. Completed - Shows the user what Tasks and Notifications are "Completed". The numbers will indicate how many items are relevant.
  7. My sent Tasks - Shows the user what Tasks and Notifications have been sent by them. The numbers will indicate how many items are relevant.
  8. Filter - Allows the user to "Filter" their items by Tag or Filter: E.g. HR, Recruitment, Delegated etc.
  9. Date Range - Search Tasks and Notifications by Date Range.

Line Item / Tasks in Widget - Tasks and Notifications

Field Name Description
Task Name Name of Task. E.g. Birthdate Reminder
Assigned To User that the Task or Notification is assigned to. You can re-assign who the task is assigned to. This will send them the Task or Notification by clicking on the User Name / Icon
Due Date The Date the Reminder is Due
Filter Task Tags
Actions Text that show what needs to be done


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