Defining Working Hours

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Working Hours

The Working Hours allows you to define a working pattern that repeats indefinitely, save this as a profile and assign this to employee's.

If various employee's work the same 5 days a week each week, then when defining the working hours we will only have to create Week 1 in our pattern, as at the end of this cycle this will repeat again.

If various employee's work 5 days a week one week and 3 days the next week, and this is a continuous pattern. It is worth while setting up a working hours pattern that has Week 1 and Week 2 defined.

This allows you to define the 5 days for Week 1 and define the 3 days for Week 2. After Week 1 finishes the pattern will roll over to Week 2 and after Week 2 finishes it will cycle back to Week 1.

If various employee's work on a Casual basis with set days each week, we could enter the hours in for each of those days, mark the remaining days as Off, and select the Save button.

Defining Working Hours

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, under "TOOLS" select "WORKING HOURS" from the left navigation.
  2. The drop down at the top of the page next to Clone Week | Quick Assignment | Save allows you to edit already setup and saved profiles, if you are creating a new profile leave the drop down on New.
  3. Enter the working hours into the Hours text field.
  4. Select the start time using the From drop down.
  5. Select the end time using the To drop down.
  6. If you require to create additional weeks, select the Clone Week button. This will duplicate your defined parameters from Week 1 and create a new Week
  7. Once you have defined the working hours select the Save button.

Quick Assignment

Once you have created your weeks and defined the working days and days off, you can use the Quick Assignment feature to assign the hours worked per week and the From and To Periods, this will calculate the hours per day for you.


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