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The Inbox Explained

The Inbox is your personal mailbox, where you will receive notifications, reminders and requests as a result of workflow being carried out.
You will receive notifications and reminders and you will be able to interact with workflow processing by clicking options deployed in your inbox reminders. E.g. Managers can authorise Contract and Letters of offer, or they can check off items in checklists if they are included in these workflows. Or it may be a simple birthday reminder that is being sent into the inbox.

The easiest indication that you have unread emails in your Inbox is to look for a number next to the Inbox label.

Checking the Inbox

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR, select the Inbox. This is available on the top right of your screen, and is represented by a mail icon.
  2. You will be show the last 3 Alerts.
  3. Select "SEE ALL ALERTS" to drill down into "ALL" of the reminders and tasks.
  4. Select the envelope icon to see if there is an action that needs to be taken by you.
  5. Select the "TICK" Icon to complete. If there is another "TASK" for you to perform after selecting the "TICK ICON", this will present itself to you when you have clicked it.
  6. Please note that "QUICK SEARCH" and "ADVANCED SEARCH" can be used to search e-mail tasks.
  7. MAIL reminders with communication templates will also be sent to users: e.g. Outlook; GMAIL etc. A user can click on the URL in these e-mails and they will be taken from the e-mail into the Subscribe-HR inbox, to complete the TASK or view more details about the reminder.


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