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Employee Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard acts as a Control Panel for users allowing them to access key information, links, Reports and so on. The Dashboard is a fully customisable component of Subscribe-HR. Each Dashboard can be specific to a User Group. As Standard Subscribe-HR allows you to configure what is located in a users dashboard by selecting the relevant options in User Group Permissions, which is located under Maintenance. Dashboards can easily be re configured and additional add-in options can be included into your system. This can be done by a Subscribe-HR Developer and is a very quick and cost effective task.

Dashboard Slider Function

The Dashboard has been built with slider type functionality for the widgets so they when you want to access e.g. policies, you click on the heading in the widget and the policies for do option slides out. This enables the dashboard widgets to work within the space provided for mobile devices and to be compact design to fit the whole dashboard several scroll screens.

Dashboard Widget Functions


The Dashboard Widgets are the functional units that are available for both Employees and Managers to use to interact with the Subscribe-HR System. Each Widget is made up of different groups of either links or information that connect directly to the associated section of the system. Each of these Widgets is explained separately below.

Absence Authorisation

When the employee submits the leave request a notification is sent to the manager that the request has been entered on the system and is awaiting action. This is displayed as an Absence Request task to action.

  1. Select the Absence Requestfrom task list or inbox email.
  2. View the absence request pop-up showing the Start Date, Finish Date, Total Time required.
  3. If using the task list Select either the Authorise or Reject buttons, this will set Absence Status and submit the response.
  4. If using the inbox item, Select View Related Form.
  5. View a pop-up with the request details.
  6. Select the Perform Action to Authorise or Reject the request.
  7. Select the Unpaid response, either Yes or No.
  8. Type any comments required. These comments can be put into any correspondence to notify the employee of the result of the request. This is also held for future reference in the absence record if the field is made viewable.

Company Policies Widget

The Company Policies Widget enables the employees of the company to be able to read the Policies when they are posted by the HR Team or designated policy editor. There are two fields Opened and Read, which are marked based on the below actions. There is a standard Company Policy Report which can show all Employees who have Read and Opened Each policy.

  1. Select the Company Policies Widget to expand to show all Policies.
  2. Select the Company Policy of interest.
  3. View A pop-up with the policy displayed, with the text Click "Agree" if you have read and understood this document
  4. Select Agree to marked that Policy has been read.
  5. Select Close will indicate only that the Policy has been opened.

Submit Forms Widget - Quick Links

This Widget holds links for any system Forms that have been customised on the system. Some example forms are Terms and Conditions, Create Referral. The associated form that has been customised will load on the system once selected. Generally these forms are used as Data entry point into the system for creating Authorisations Requests or Records.

Update Your Details Widget

This Widget displays the following information on the Employee.

  • A Photo of the Employee in the Top right of the Widget, if it has been uploaded.
  • The Full Name of the Employee
  • Start Date of the Employee.
  • The Employees Manager.
  • The Age of the Employee.

Payslips or Group Certificate Widgets

There is a separate widget for Payslips and Groups Certificates that have been loaded onto the system. These records are displayed as a lightbox to the imported payslip. The payslip records can then be downloaded into pdf.

Quick Links

This is a set of links that allow the Employee or Manager to carry out the functions that are enabled on the system.

  • Select Change Password opens the Tab My Profile to update your password.
  • Select My Absence opens the Leaver planner to see your Leave requests graphically.
  • Select See my Teams Leave Requests opens the Leaver planner to see your Teams Leave requests graphically. This link is only available if you are a selected as a Manager.
  • Select My Salary takes you to Salary to see your Leave requests graphically.
  • Select Submit Expense Claim Form creates a expense record to submit for approval.
  • Select Submit Timesheet to add a new timesheet.
  • Select View Internal Vacancies to see any internal vacancies on the companys job board.
  • Select View or schedule interviews to open the interview scheduler.

Request Leave Widget

This Widget allows all staff to request leave, see the leave balances that have been enabled on the system and estimate leave for all employee that report to the manager.

Request Leave Link

The Click here to Request Leave link allows all employees to apply for Leave. The leave request is sent to the manager to Authorise the request. See the section Leave Request Workflows Explained, for more information on configuring the system process that applies here.

  1. Select the Request Leave link.
  2. View the form to create the Leave Request.
  3. Enter the From and Until Dates.
  4. Notice the Total Time Required field will display the text, This leave requires X of Y hours. X being the number of hours in leave being taken for the request, which is calculated against the working hours record of the employee. Y being the current Leave Balance in hours.
  5. View the Bar graph displays a visual indication of the hours in the leave request against the current leave balance.
  6. Notice if the Request Leave is greater than the Current Balance, the Bar displays in Red.
  7. Select the Reason for the leave request.
  8. Enter any Employee notes that apply to the Leave Request, which are saved into the Absence Request record for viewing by the Manager when they respond to the request.
  9. Selecting Submit will create the Leave Request and the Absence Request record.
  10. After Submitting the request and returning to the Leave request via either inbox or Task before approval, the request will change to have the button for the employee to cancel the request.

List Leave Requests

The list leave request link will open all the leave requests that employee has ever entered during the use of Subscribe-HR. Selecting the listed leave request will open directly to the corresponding Absence Request Record.


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