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Notification Settings

The Notification Settings allow you to control when email notifications are sent in relation to Security.

The following fields are available in these settings:

  • Enable Login Notifications: This boolean field determines whether notifications will be sent to a user, using the Notification Type set below. The default for this setting is on.
    When turning this off, a pop-up will appear to confirm you want to make this change.
  • Notification Type: This field determines when the Login Notification will be sent.
    Always Notify will send a notification email to the user every time they log in to the Subscribe-HR system.
    Only When Browser, Device or Location Changes will only send a notification email to the user if the web browser they are using, the device they are using or the IP location they are logging in from has changed.

Once a notification has been sent with the Only When Browser, Device or Location Changes option selected if no action is taken, the new device, location or browser will be flagged as trusted. Each trusted configuration of these three will be held in the User Devices area in the Maintenance module.

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