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Workforce Manager

Workforce manager is a powerful tool and allows you to carry out the assigning of Jobs, Salary, Manager and Working Hours all from the one screen.

Entering Timesheets using the Workforce Manager

Timesheets can be entered into Subscribe-HR from the Workforce Manager screen. This method is easy and efficient.

  1. On the left had side navigation area.
  2. Select Workforce Manager from the drop down menu.
  3. You should see a table with employee's listed down the page.
  4. Hover the pointer over one of the days of the week and right click your pointing device.
  5. Left click on Enter Timesheets menu item.
  6. The Timesheet will start from the first day of the displayed week by default and end 7 days later.
  7. Select the time using the From drop down.
  8. Select the time using the To drop down.
  9. Enter the hours worked.
  10. Enter any Breaks.
  11. Enter any overtime worked.
  12. Repeat this for any addition days where Timesheet information is required to be entered.
  13. Enter the Hours Worked.
  14. Enter Breaks Taken.
  15. Enter Overtime Worked.
  16. Select Ok.


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