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Before assigning leave profiles to an Employee please ensure that you have setup:

  • Global Leave Settings
  • System Leave Settings

The Global Leave Settings define the Accrual Country Setting, Leave Period Date Type and Leave Anniversary Date.
The System Leave Settings define the Leave Profile Type, whether this is Annual Leave or Sick Leave, The Amount Accrued, Intervals, Exclusion Periods and Carry Forwards.

Assigning Leave Profiles to an Employee

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "HUMAN RESOURCES" on the left hand side from the navigation area.
  2. Select the Employee Folder.
  3. Select the desired employee.
  4. Select the Leave Profiles SubFolder from the left side menu.
  5. Select the [Add new record] button.
  6. Select the Profile Name from the drop down.
    If the Profile Name drop down is empty then System Leave Settings have not been setup.
  7. Select the Profile Start Date from the date picker.
  8. Enter Already Accrued Amount. (if the employee has accrued leave). This is commonly used if you are transitioning from an old system, where the employee may have had already accrued amounts.
  9. Select the [Save] button.

Note: These steps may have to be repeated to create additional leave profiles.


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