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Leave Settings / Leave Profiles

When you create Leave Settings you are creating Leave Profiles which define rules of when,frequency and how much should accrue, this profile is then assigned to an employee.
Leave Settings is where the Leave Profiles are created. There is no limit on the amount of leave profiles that can be created.

The benefits of Leave Profiles is seen when you have such scenarios as:
Management, or particular employees accruing Annual or Sick Leave Days at a higher rate than other employees.

Creating a Leave Profile

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR HCM Platform, select "MAINTENANCE" on the left hand side from the navigation area..
  2. Select the Leave Settings folder.
  3. Select the Create New button.
  4. Enter the Leave Profile Name. Ensure the name is descriptive.
  5. Select the Leave Type.
  6. Enter the Total Annual Amount that is accrued.
    The unit amount can be found in the Annual Amount Units field. Example: If the Annual Amount Units is Days and Total Annual Amount is 20 then the Total Annual Amount would be 20 Days per year
  7. Select the Leave Accrual Interval. This is the period between accruals. Example: Monthly would cause the system to calculate new Leave Accrual transactions on the Anniversary day of the Month.
  8. Enter Leave Exclusion Period.in months. The leave exclusion period is the amount of time from the Leave Profile Start Date that the Employee will not accrue leave. Example: If an Employee Starts work on the 01/03/yyyy, the Leave Profile Start Date is 01/03/yyyy, and Leave Exclusion Period is 6 months, the Employee will start accruing Leave from the 01/09/yyyy.
  9. Check the Carry Forward option if this accrual is not reset and the amount accrued the year before is carried over to the following year.
    Example: Annual Leave may have the Carry Forward option selected, while Sick Leave may not have the Carry Forward option selected.
  10. Select the Save button.


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