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Facebook is the most popular social media for years now. Recently, Facebook added the functionality to have custom pages embedded into Facebook pages. A new opportunity arose to display available a “Careers” tab on companies’ Facebook pages.

Set-up Steps

  • Sign-up for a Facebook Account. Go to https://www.facebook.com and create a new account if you don’t already have one. A developer account must be created and used as well.
  • Create a new Facebook Page. Note: Don’t do these steps if your company already has a Facebook Page.
  • Fill-in the information and click on “Get Started”.
  • Follow the wizard to complete the creation.
  • Create a new Facebook App.
  • Don’t do these steps if you already have a Facebook App.
  • Select “Website”, enter the name of the company. Click “Create New Facebook App ID” --> “Create App ID”.
  • In the section “Tell us about your website”, enter the URL and mobile URL of your website and click “Next”.
  • Add a Jobs Page (tab). Select “Apps” top of the screen --> Your App. Go to Settings. Click on “+ Add Platform”. Select “Page Tab”:

• Page Tab Name: can be “Jobs”, “Careers”, “Join us”, etc.

• Page Tab Edit URL: http://company.jobs.subscribe-hr.com/?isfacebook=1&src=facebook.

• Secure Page Tab URL: https://company.jobs.subscribe-hr.com/?isfacebook=1&src=facebook.

• At the top: Site URL: http://company.jobs.subscribe-hr.com/?isfacebook=1&src=facebook.

• Mobile Site URL: http://company.jobs.subscribe-hr.com/?isfacebook=1&src=facebook.

• Contact Email: Please provide your email address. The Portal URL is displayed in Subscribe-HR --> Settings --> System Settings --> Recruitment --> “URL of the portal”. Make sure the parameters “/?isfacebook=1&src=facebook” are provided.

  • Wide Page Tab: Yes. NOTE: If you don't make this selection = Yes, the Jobs Board will appear to be narrow in Facebook.
  • Click on “Save Changes”.
  • On the left, go to “Status and Review”.
  • Select “Yes” on the question “Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?”.
  • Link between App and Page - Make sure you have a Company Page and Company App before continuing.
  • Go to the Company App --> Settings and copy the Application ID and Site URL.
  • Accessing to this URL will create the link between the App and Page.
  • Choose your Facebook Page to match and click “Add Page Tab”.
  • On this page, select the Company page that you would like to link to the App.
  • Click "Add Page Tab".
  • Once this is done, the App (Jobs Board) will be linked to your Corporate Facebook Page.
  • NOTE: When an Applicant clicks on Apply from the Corporate Facebook Page, they will be taken to the Subscribe-HR Jobs Page. If they continue their Application, the source of Applicant will be Facebook. Subscribe-HR Automatically tracks this for you.


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