Recording Applicant Entries

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Manually Creating an Applicant Entry

  1. After logging into the Subscribe-HR portal, select the Recruitment TAB.
  2. Select the Applicant Folder and select the [Add New Record] button.
  3. Enter details about the Applicant in the fields provided.
    Field labels marked as bold are mandatory and need to be filled in before selecting the [Save] button.
    Please see the Applicant Fields Explained table below for more information on the fields.
  4. When completed select the [Save] button.

Applicant Fields Explained

Field Name Description
Title This is the applicants title
First Name The applicants first name
Surname The applicants surname
Middle Name The applicants middle name
Known As The applicants alias
Gender The applicants gender
Other Names The applicants other name
Birth Date The applicants date of birth from the date picker
Mobile The applicants mobile number
Email The applicants email address
Drivers Licence The applicants drivers licence
Current Status The applicants currents status
Nationality The applicants nationality
Date Available The date the applicant can start work
Hours Available The hours the applicant can work
Salary Required The applicants salary requirements
Referred by The name of the referral source
Applicant Source Is the applicant an internal or external applicant
Receive Newsletter does the applicant wish to receive the newsletter
Receive Vacancy Updates Does the applicant wish to receive vacancy updates
Notes Any notes on the applicant
Talent Pools Multi-Select Talent Pools that you would like to assign the Applicant to


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