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This page allows you to set up an announcement for Employees to read every time they access their dashboard.

Creating announcements

  1. . After logging in, go to the Maintenance Module.
  2. . Select Announcements from the More Tab.
  3. . Select the [Add new Record] Button.
  4. . Fill in the fields.
  5. . Press the [Save Button].

Note: Announcement records cannot have overlapping dates. You can only have one Announcement at a time.

When the Employee is finished reading the Announcement they will have two options:

Dismiss: Closes the Announcement. The Announcement will show again the next time they navigate to the dashboard for that module.

Never Show Again: Closes the Announcement. This Announcement will not show again.

Announcements Fields

The table below shows the fields that are used to setup and manage an Announcement.

Field Name Description
Active Whether the Announcement is live.
From Date When the Announcement will go live.
To Date When the Announcement will be taken down.
Display in Modules Choose which modules the announcement will show up in.
Content The text Editor to enter the content of the announcement.
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